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* What's The Secret To Ongoing, Consistent BOOK SALES?

* We're Knee Deep Here!

* Use Snapchat to Sell Your Book(s) or Writing Services To Millennials

* Q&A: "My Daughter Wants To Do A Signing! How Should I Approach My Local Bookstore?"

* Letters and Comments for 09/22/16

* Paying Markets For Writers and Photographers

* Freelance Writing Jobs

* Freelance Success Story: One Interview about Autism Leads to Many Writing Assignments!

* Whispers and Warnings for 09/22/2016


Got Questions About Self-Publishing?

Just ask Angela, Publisher of WritersWeekly.com and Co-owner of BookLocker.com! (That's right, talk directly with the owner of BookLocker. No revolving customer service reps, no layers of bureaucracy to navigate, and absolutely no outsourcing to third-world countries.)

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Angela's Desk

What's The Secret to Ongoing, Consistent BOOK SALES? by Angela Hoy, WritersWeekly.com & BookLocker.com

What's The Secret To Ongoing, Consistent BOOK SALES?

Many authors want to blame the publisher, the printer, the distributor and even retailers for their lack of book sales and some get offended when I'm honest, and tell them it's their lack of promotional activities that has led to decreased or non-existent book sales.
Authors get bored with book promotion. Even one week of lower sales can lead to discouragement, spurring many authors to start a new book (or watch puppy videos on YouTube, or share recipes on Facebook, or binge-watch Netflix) instead of promoting the book they already have up for sale.

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From The Home Office

We're Knee Deep Here!

We're Knee Deep Here!

This is always our busiest time of the year. Everybody wants their book published before the Christmas shopping season so we always get a glut of new manuscript submissions in September and October. We're working 12-16 hours per day right now and we're all exhausted. I haven't been to the gym in three weeks but I did manage a short swim one afternoon last week. We also took a therapeutic evening sail one night last weekend. I miss my afternoon "sun breaks."

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This Week's Article

Use Snapchat to Sell Your Book(s) or Writing Services to Millennials! by Joan Selby

Use Snapchat to Sell Your Book(s) or Writing Services To Millennials

The millennial generation has famously been dubbed as the “Selfie” generation. While some have contested this claim, it can’t be denied that Gen Y is fond of selfies on social media. Among the most used apps to share their love of pictures is the widely popular Snapchat. For writers who want to better understand this new generation of audiences, gaining …

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Ask The Expert

My daughter wants to do a signing! How should I approach my local bookstore?

My Daughter Wants To Do A Signing! How Should I Approach My Local Bookstore?

Angela, My 8-year-old daughter is an author. She has received a lot of coverage in our city since April when she was featured in the newspaper, and given the opportunity to be a weekly guest columnist. She was also interviewed by the local news, which was aired across the state. We are preparing her for a book signing. My question …

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Letters And Comments

Letters And Comments For 09/22/16

Letters And Comments For 09/22/16

  COMMENTS ON: "How can I sell my self-published book through a large specialty distributor?" I have a local bookstore that sells my books on a regular basis. This is the only consignment seller that I use, and I give them a 55% discount on my books. They were shocked that someone would offer them that much of a profit …

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Paying Markets


The Writer’s Arena

“Every week two authors will receive the same writing prompt from the arena. One author, a challenger, will come from you, the audience. The other author will be a member of the arena. Those authors will then have ten days to write a story that meets the parameters as outlined by the writing prompt. Ten days after the prompt is published, the stories will be published for all to enjoy. Over the next few days the stories will also be judged. Two judges have already been chosen and will each pick one story, awarding it one point. The third judge is you, the audience. In the comments section we encourage you to engage in discussion about the stories and to state which one you chose as your favorite. We’ll tally up those votes and weight them with the decision of the judges and declare a winner.“ 100% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Publishers two stories every week for four weeks, then one week off. Pays after publication. Publish ms after about a week after acceptance. Buys all rights. No reprints. Responds within 3-9 months. Sample copy available online at http://thewritersarena.com.

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Write Naked

Write Naked is a space that breaks down the misconceptions many people have about freelance life.” Welcomes new writers. Circ. 3.1K – 3.6K. Publishes 3 plus new posts monthly, including 1 guest contributor. Pays on publication. Pays $50 flat fee. "Potentially $200 if a post really impresses me." Posts average 450-650 words. Publishes ms 6-9 months after acceptance. Buys exclusive rights. No reprints. Responds 1-90 days. Sample copy available at www.writenaked.net. Subscription is free. Guidelines online at https://writenaked.net/guest-blog-writers/.

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Freelance Writing Jobs

Writing Jobs For 09/22/216

See the links to these jobs here

Freelance Legal Writer / Editor - Pays $26/hour
blind ad

Freelance Software/GUI Tech Writer: Users Guide

Freelance Travel Blogger/Writer
Travel Ticker

Freelance Firearms Blogger
Pew Pew Tactical

Freelance Business Writer – Food

Freelance Writer – Recipe Adaptations
SFG Media Group

Freelance B2B Copywriter/Blogger
Artisan Creative

Freelance Top-line Investigative Journalist
"international publisher"

Freelance College Basketball Writer

Freelance Ghostwriter - non-fiction book

Freelance Acquisitions Editor
Lonely Planet Kids

Freelance Expert Content Writer - for educational guides

Freelance Travel Bloggers
Electrim Technologies Corp

Freelance English Transcribers

Freelance Content Writer - Pays $20/hour
boutique marketing firm

Freelance Copywriters - Pays $1200/month for 12 articles
blind ad

Freelance Direct Response Copywriter

Freelance Writer - with legal experience
marketing and public relations firm

Freelance Entry Level Content Editor and Copywriter - Pays $20/hour
digital strategy agency

Freelance Writer - to write and edit users' emails. Pays $15/hour.

Freelance US And Latin Entertainment News Writers
digital publishing company

Freelance Ghostwriter - for autobiography/biography

Freelance Conference Producer & Content Director - Pays $45K+
conference company

Freelance Blogger - Pays $50/post of 250 words
college admissions blog

Freelance Blogger - near San Diego, CA. Pays $200/week.
firm that owns multiple websites

Freelance Research Assistant - international developement
consulting firm engaged in municipal Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) projects in the Middle East.

Freelance Kids Content Creator - Photoshop experience required
website for kids

Freelance Copywriter - near Pacific Beach, CA. Pays $20-$35/hour
Inseev Interactive

Freelance Technical Copywriter

Freelance Ghost Blogger - glaucoma and vision loss. Pays $65-$85/post.
blind ad

See the links to these jobs here


Success Story

One Interview about Autism Leads to Many Writing Assignments! by Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan

One Interview about Autism Leads to Many Writing Assignments!

In the spring of 2016, I sent a pitch for an article on an interesting autism program in my city to an editor at a local online magazine. I’ve written for this magazine before, so the editor accepted, and then turned the assignment into a comprehensive overview of autism services around the city.

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Whispers and Warnings

Whispers and Warnings for 09/22/2016

Whispers and Warnings for 09/22/2016

"Avoiding a horrible real-life plot twist, a writer dashed past firefighters into his burning New Orleans house Thursday to rescue two completed novels stored on his laptop."

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