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Each year, all year long, we purchase articles for WritersWeekly.com. WritersWeekly is distributed to thousands of freelance writers and authors across the globe every week (of course). šŸ˜‰

1. Please read our guidelines in their entirety before pitching an article idea to us. We can’t respond to “queries” that simply say, “I want to write for you.” We also can’t respond to query letters that don’t follow our submission guidelines below.

2. Before pitching, please subscribe to WritersWeekly (it’s entirely free), and read a few back issues to get familiar with our content and style. Subscribers receive a free copy of one of the following (your choice!):

QUERY LETTERS THAT WORKED: Real Queries That Landed $2K+ Writing Assignments (If you are new to freelance writing, please read this book before sending us a query letter.)


BOOK PROPOSALS THAT WORKED! Real Book Proposals That Landed $10K ā€“ $100K Publishing Contracts

3. You can find countless more paying markets for writers RIGHT HERE.

What we publish:

Feature Articles

Marketing Secrets (for freelance writers and authors)

Author Backstories andĀ Book Backstories

We do not publish:

  • Ongoing columns or series by one writer. Please do not pitch these to us.
  • “Guest” posts. We do not publish advertorials.
  • Poetry, cartoons, or jokes
  • Book reviews or any product/service reviews
  • Profiles of companies, products, or individuals
  • Articles on “how to write.” Everybody else publishes those. We don’t.


Writer’s Block / Finding inspiration / Finding your muse / Avoiding burnout

Write what you know / Writing about your hobby

Rewrite/Resell (selling rewritten reprints)

Revamping and re-pitching rejected manuscripts

How to self-publish your book

How to get along with editors

How to become a writer

Take photos to sell more articles

How to be a copywriter

How to be a ghostwriter

How to be a grant writer

Negotiating rates

How to blog



Please do not submit a complete manuscript. Only submit a query letter.

When querying, pleaseĀ do not send email attachments. Only submit your query and, later (if we give you an assignment), your article in the body of an email. Or, use theĀ contact form on our website. If you are submitting your photo or artwork for your article, we will accept those as email attachments.


We work with writers outside of the U.S. but you must be able to accept payment via PayPal. If you can’t accept PayPal, we won’t be able to work with you.

WritersWeekly.com focuses on ā€œsellingā€ the written word. We do not seek articles on how to write. Rather, we seek articles on how to make more money doing what you love….writing! We are also interested in other forms of home-based businesses and self-employment that may result from writing, such as self-publishing, corporate writing, etc. All ideas that help writers support themselves performing the work they love are warmly welcomed, provided we haven’t covered the topic on the past two years.

Other topics of interest: Writing for markets of a specific genre (with links to those markets’ guidelines, and information on how much they pay), unique book marketing ideas, and anything that isn’t already done-to-death in the industry. The vast majority of rejections we send out are for queries that are on topics that have already received too much exposure in the industry, or those that have already been covered by us.

We receive a lot of queries with misspelled words, incorrect punctuation, missing punctuation, capitalization errors, and on topics that aren’t even remotely related to writing or publishing at all.Ā If we receive a query aboutĀ pets, religion, and other things completelyĀ unrelated to our genre, we will not respond. We aren’t trying to be rude but, if a writer can’t be bothered to even read the name of our publication to see the genre we cover, we can’t be bothered to respond to that query. We hope you understand.

We pay in U.S. Dollars via PayPal on acceptance.

Feature Articles


Length: ~600 words

Rights: First (non-exclusive) or reprint rights

Pay: $60 U.S. on acceptance via PayPal for first rights only ($30 U.S. for reprints).


Submit a query only with credits by using our contact form.

Please be patient. We usually respond to queries within one week.


Ask yourself: ā€œIs this article going to help readers make more money from their writing?ā€

If your answer is yes, and if the idea hasn’t already been done-to-death in the industry, please query us.

Please read all the info. above and below before querying.



Length: ~600 words

Rights: First (non-exclusive) or reprint rights

Pay: $60 U.S. on acceptance via PayPal for first rights only ($30 U.S. for reprints).


Submit a query only with credits by using our contact form (preferred) or by e-mail to angela@writersweekly.com

Please be patient. We usually respond to queries within one week.


If you have found creative method(s) to promote your book or your writing business, we’d love to hear what you did! We are always looking for articles that help our readers promote their books and/or freelance writing services. Please ensure we haven’t covered the same topic in the past two years. Also, don’t send ideas that are already common in the industry.

Please read all the info. above and below before querying.


WritersWeekly.com, 200 2nd Avenue South, #526, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. CONTACT FORM. https://writersweekly.com/contact-angela. Website https://www.writersweekly.com. Brian Whiddon, Managing Editor, all submissions. Electronic magazine featuring new and updated markets and articles on selling the written word (making more money through writing) as well as information on publishing, self-publishing, and book promotion. 20% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Weekly. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms 1-6 weeks after acceptance. Buys first rights. Accepts reprints. Responds within 1 week. Sample free at website. Subscription free. Pays in U.S. Dollars via PayPal.


FEATURES: We are seeking articles on various ways writers can make money from their writing (i.e. unique assignments, corporate services, self publishing, marketing and networking advice, whitepapers, corporate writing, alternative products and services that writers can create and sell, etc.). We are also seeking warnings about industry scams or about businesses that may not necessarily be scams, but that may be a waste of money for writers and authors. See past Features, click HERE.

MARKETING SECRETS CONTRIBUTIONS: “In each issue, we now publish an article that teaches writers how to promote their services, or teaches authors how to promote their books. If you have found a creative way to promote your writing service or book, please send a query first using the contact info. provided above. We encourage writers to submit a bio not to exceed 50 words to run under their success story where they can advertise their freelance writing service, book, etc. This is over and above the 600-word count.”

PAYMENT INFO – For features and marketing secrets contributions, pays $60 for around 600 words (we are flexible). We buy first rights and reprints. Payment for reprints is $30. Submit query and credits using the contact form link above.Ā 

PHOTOS/ART: If you submit a high-quality photo, we will publish that as well. If you want us to feature your book cover, or writing service logo, that’s fine, too!

HINTS: Humor is always appreciated. Our readers want to work for themselves and be able to support their families with their writing. Past articles include ghostwriting, writing for the medical market, newsletter publishing, self-publish for profit, and unique ways to make money writing. We welcome ideas that expand on these, or that lead writers to financial opportunities that they do not know exist. Marketing secrets contributions that deal with a specific writing-related product or service are warmly welcomed. Topics on self-publishing and book marketing are also appreciated. We love lists of genre-specific paying markets for writers that include each publication’s link to their guidelines, and payment rates for writers. We do not publish poetry, cartoons, or jokes. We do not run single-author columns. We do not publish book reviews or profiles of companies, individuals, products or services. Do not submit ideas that are not yet carefully planned out. Contemplate your query before sending it to us. “Quickie” queries and queries with typos are quickly rejected. Emails that just say “I want to write for you,” or that are similarly vague, are deleted.



We currently are not accepting backstories.