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"Hiding" Won't Protect You From a Libel Lawsuit - Just ask John!

"Hiding" Won't Protect You From a Libel Lawsuit - Just ask John!

Today, I'm introducing you to John. John is a funny fellow - a good writer with quick wit. And, while he works at an almost-minimum-wage job, he's also very intelligent...about some things. John rented a house next door to Stan, a megalomaniac whose...[...]


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Going Cold Turkey!!

Going Cold Turkey!!

On that Thanksgiving Day in Florida, eight years ago, it was probably in the 60's outside and we Mainers were LOVING it! Our southern family members, however, were NOT. As the day progressed, after they bundled up in sweaters, and wiped their running noses...…


Paying Markets


60% freelance. “ALLEGORY is a biannual publication of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Founded in 1998, we are one of the oldest continually running ezines in the world. We publish quality original fiction by new and established authors from all around the globe.” Welcomes new writers. Buys first rights for six months. Accepts reprints. Pays $15. Read more →

Airbrush Action Magazine

“Airbrush Action is edited for all airbrush applications, including automotive art, illustration, T-shirt airbrushing, body art, model/hobby applications, pin-up art, pinstriping, and more.” 90% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Pays on publication. Publishes ms in issue after acceptance. Pays $0.20-$0.25/word. Read more →

Bear Deluxe Magazine

“The Bear Deluxe Magazine is a semiannual publication looking at place-based themes through a magazine format of journalism, creative nonfiction, essays, interviews, poetry, fiction and reviews.” Welcomes new writers. 50% freelance. Circ. 44K. Biannually. Pays on publication. Publishes ms within three months of acceptance. Buys first rights and online rights for one year. Accepts some reprints. Responds within three months. Pays: $0.15/word or $75-$400 for fiction and nonfiction; $40 per poem. Read more →

Bass Angler Magazine

“Bass Angler Magazine highlights the latest seasonal tips, techniques, and tactics from the world’s best anglers, broken down in an easy-to-understand format. Helping everyone catch fish like a pro.” Welcomes new writers. Circ. 30K. Quarterly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms two months after acceptance. Buys all rights, and non-exclusive electronic rights for a year. No reprints. Responds within a few days, as long as publisher isn’t away fishing. Pays flat fee of $100. Read more →


“Artzine is an art platform that started as an art gallery and has expanded to include an online magazine specializing in art & culture. Our editorial, The Zine, is an ecosystem that supports and nourishes the arts through giving a voice to creators, and providing a space for creativity to flow in all directions. We are interested in relevant art news told with a twist; groundbreaking, unique art events with a background story, and any interesting content related to the arts world that we feel excited to read about.” Pays on publication. Buys first rights. No reprints. Responds in seven business days. Pays €100 per 1000-word article. Read more →

Acres USA

“An eco-agriculture magazine devoted to sustainable, organic farming and gardening, holistic human and animal health.” 50% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 18K. Monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 1-3 months after acceptance. Buys first rights. Accepts reprints. Responds within one week. Pays $0.10/word. Read more →


"A bimonthly magazine on Russian culture, history, travel and life." 70%-80% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Pays 30 days after publication. Publishes ms 1-6 months after acceptance. Buys either first serial, second serial or all rights. Accepts reprints. Responds within one month. Pays $300 per article for 2000-4000 words. Read more →

101 Holidays

"A group of six travel offering travel inspiration and recommendations. As well as the main site, our specialist sites focus on honeymoons, singles holidays, family travel, short breaks and the USA." Works with new writers, "but they will typically be either experienced travel writers or enter through our internship program:" Circ. 5 million annual visitors to the websites. Pays within 7 days of publication. Publishes ms approx. 7-14 days after acceptance. "We retain the right to publish the article on our website and third-party websites through syndication programmes. Copyright remains with the writer." No reprints. Response time varies. Pays £50 - £100. Read more →

"A well-established US-based freelance company is opening its doors to writers from all over the world. After years of successful cooperation with freelancers, we have created the best online platform with 24/7 Support. We have gained significant weight and an immaculate reputation in the writing world thanks to the professionalism of our team and high-quality products. Since we know what it takes to meet a high demand of our clients, we offer high rates and special bonuses for technical orders and assignments with short deadlines. We look forward to welcoming new members to our global team and invite specialists with different majors and educational backgrounds. So far we have managed to build long-term relations with freelancers from over 17 countries, including the Philippines, China, Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, etc." Pays every 2 weeks. Guidelines online. Pays $8-$10/page. Read more →

Rock Chuck Summit

"Adventure Travel Online Magazine. Sharing stories, trips, reviews and topics about adventure travel in North America.” Circ. online. Publishes stories daily. Buys all rights. No reprints. Responds within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Pays $0.07/word and up or $45-$75 a piece. Read more →

Sasee Magazine

“Women's lifestyle monthly publication distributed free to readers along the northeastern coast of SC, and the southeastern coast of NC, plus a monthly digital issue.” Welcomes new writers. Pays 90 days after publication. Publishes ms about a month after acceptance. Buys first time rights, reverts back to writer upon publication. Occasionally accepts reprints. Responds in less than a week. Pays $0.10/word. Read more →

PRISM international, Creative Writing Program

“PRISM international is a quarterly magazine out of Vancouver, British Columbia, whose mandate is to publish the best in contemporary writing and translation from Canada and around the world. Writing from PRISM has been featured in Best American Stories, Best American Essays and The Journey Prize Stories, amongst other noted publications.” Welcomes new writers. Circ. 1K. Quarterly. Pays right before or right after publication. Publishes ms 1-6 months after acceptance. Buys First N.A. rights. No reprints. Responds within 1-6 months. Pays $40 per page of poetry, $30 per page of prose. Read more →


"Healthline is the fastest-growing digital consumer health publication. We create expert content to support, guide, and inspire readers toward the best possible health outcomes." Circ. 65 million users/month. Pays Within 30 days of acceptance. Publishes ms approx. 3-5 weeks after acceptance. Buys all rights. No reprints. Responds within 1 week. Pay varies. Read more →

National Communications Magazine

"We’re a tight niche publication serving radio hobbyists interested in scanners (typically referred to as “police scanners”), citizens band (CB) radio and the hobby radio services – General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS), Family Radio Service (FRS) and Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS)." Warmly welcomes new writers. Guidelines not available. Pays $75-$100. Read more →

Outpost Magazine

"Canada's only international adventure-travel magazine." Warmly welcomes new writers. Bi-monthly print; weekly online. Pays on publication. Publishes manuscript within a month of acceptance if publishing online; longer for print. Buys exclusive story rights; photo rights vary with the story. No reprints. Responds within a month. Pays up to $50 (CAD) for online publication for 800-1500 words; competitive rates for longer articles in print. Read more →

More Freelance Jobs!

HYPOCRITICAL MUCH? Amazon bans anti-gun-violence book cover featuring gun…yet sells guitar case to hide your guns in – Whispers and Warnings – 09/19/19

MORE: Parenting book author accused of abandoning "11-year-old" adopted daughter...but is she really 11?; Author accused of plagiarizing AND quoting sources that don't exist?; EU says re-selling ebooks is illegal; Feds sue Snowden over his memoir; Editorial cartoons finding new life online; Google ranking sites featuring syndicated content over original publisher's links?; Librarians are ANGRY about delayed ebook publication by publishers. READ MORE →

Amazon’s rushed delivery drivers have killed people…and Amazon says they’re not at fault?! – Whispers and Warnings for 09/12/19

MORE: Indie bookstores and industry leaders furious at Amazon for violating book embargo (if you don't know what that is, read this!); If you get your morning paper in your undies, you probably do NOT want a free doorbell from Amazon; MSNBC sued for outrageous allegation; "Almost Everything About Goodreads Is Broken;" Politician sues CBS and we're betting that gets thrown out of court. And, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, MISS THIS AWESOME OBITUARY! READ MORE →