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7 BENEFITS of Self-Publishing! (And, reasons you may want to avoid the traditional route) by Angela Hoy, WritersWeekly.com, BookLocker.com, ABuzz Press and PubPreppers.com

From The Home Office

I'm SO Glad the Election is OVER!

I'm SO Glad the Election is OVER!

After the most contentious presidential contest in my memory, I am SO relieved it's over. I am SO looking forward to seeing more recipes and pictures of loved ones' children on Facebook (instead of political posts) and I am SO looking forward to seeing less hatred online, as well as hearing it in person (like we did at the polling …

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This Week's Article

Oooooh! Getting PAID to Eavesdrop! by Jeanine DeHoney

Oooooh! Getting PAID to Eavesdrop!

We were often told not to eavesdrop as children. As a writer though, eavesdropping is the quintessence of good fiction. It gives us a bird’s eye view of other people’s voices and their melodramas. We hear their inflections, their accents if they are from a different country, and get the chance to obtain information about their life. This adds another layer to our characters as we begin to build their profile. It also makes our fiction more relatable; fiction editors are more prone to publish and readers are more inclined to read.

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Ask The Expert

"Are print book sales really making a comeback?" Yep!

"Are print book sales really making a comeback?" Yep!

"Physical book sales have rocketed by four million this year, fighting back against the digital revolution. Predictions, a few years ago, that the printed book would die appear to have been greatly exaggerated."

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Paying Markets

Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts

. “Begun by Donald Barthelme and Phillip Lopate, Gulf Coast is the nationally-distributed journal housed within the University of Houston's English Department, home to one of the nation's top ranked creative writing programs. The journal spent its nascent years (1982-1985) as Domestic Crude, a name that nodded to the major industry of the Houston area. It was a 64-page (magazine-formatted) student-run publication, with editorial advising coming from Mr. Lopate, who also contributed work to the first issues. In 1986, the name Gulf Coast premiered. It stuck. After some experimenting, the journal found its dimensions and, eventually, its audience. The journal has since moved beyond the student body of the University of Houston and into the larger world. Our readership of the print journal currently exceeds 3,000, with more and more coming to our ever-expanding website. The print journal comes out each April and October. Gulf Coast is still student-run. We seek to promote and publish quality literature in our local and national communities while simultaneously teaching excellence in literary publishing to graduate and undergraduate students. While we are committed to providing a balanced combination of literary approaches and voices, all of the editorial positions are two-year terms, thus ensuring a regular turnover in the specific personality and style of the journal.
In addition, Gulf Coast differs from many other literary journals in its commitment to exploring visual art and critical art writing. The journal has always featured portfolios by two artists, along with short introductions from critics familiar with their work, and starting in October 2013, Gulf Coast will commit sixteen pages to full-color visual art features and twenty-four pages to critical art writing in each issue. This expansion was made possible by Gulf Coast's merger with Texas art journal Art Lies, a publication with a respected history of putting artists, curators, scholars, and critics in dialogue with their colleagues around the world. The journal has enhanced its community presence thanks to the Gulf Coast Reading Series, a monthly gathering at Rudyard's Pub in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston, as well as with its annual Spring Issue Release Party. Gulf Coast's Houston Indie Book Festival and the Menil Community Arts Festival, held together on the grounds of the Menil Collection, attract more than 75 local and national exhibitors and over 2,500 visitors each April. These three events continue to bring esteemed writers, editors, publishers and, of course, readers to the Houston area.
Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, generously funded by grants from the Brown Foundation, Inc.; the The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts; Inprint, Inc.; Houston Endowment, Inc.; the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance; the Texas Commission on the Arts; the University of Houston English Department; and the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as through the support of individual contributions.” 50% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 3K. Biannual. Pays on publication. Publishes ms within six months of acceptance. Buys first NA serial rights. No reprints. Responds 2-3 weeks. Sample copy online at https://gulfcoastmag.org/subscribe. Subscription $16, $26 foreign. Guidelines online at https://gulfcoastmag.org/submit.

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The Fiddlehead

"The Fiddlehead, Atlantic Canada's international literary journal, is entertainment for the thoughtful with its mix of poetry and stories by established and new writers." Welcomes new writers. 100% freelance. Circ. 1200. Quarterly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms within two issues of acceptance. Buys "first serial publication rights - all other rights remain with the author, but we ask if the work is reprinted elsewhere that the first publication in The Fiddlehead be acknowledged." Responds in 1-6 months. Various Canadian booksellers and newsstands carry The Fiddlehead (see our retailer's page for exact locations: http://www.thefiddlehead.ca/retailers2.html). A copy of the most current issue can be obtained via the NewPages Magazine webstore: http://www.newpageswebstore.com and back issues (if not sold out) along with current issue can be purchased directly from our office. They usually range in price from $10 - $15 plus shipping. Email us for details. The Fiddlehead's subscription rates for one year (4 issues) are $30 for Canada and $36 for the USA and all other countries; two-year (8 issues) subscriptions are available for $55 in Canada and $67 for the USA and all other countries. You can either subscribe via our online payment service or download an order form, print it out, fill it out, and send it to us with your payment.

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. "We sell cutting edge, humorous greeting cards in many styles: humorous photo ideas, many cartoon styles, and more traditional word-play styles of humor. See our website." 100% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Pays on acceptance. Publishes card 6 months to 2 years after acceptance. "We request exclusive purchase and use of any idea we buy. We respond
within a few days to e-mails and we hold copy for between 3-10 weeks for review (depending on when it comes during our current review cycle). We tell writers what dates they can plan on final decisions."

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Freelance Writing Jobs

Writing Jobs For 10/06/216

See the links to these jobs here

Freelance Communications Coordinator
Public Banking Institute

Freelance List Writers
Valnet Inc.

Freelance Entertainment and Social News Article Writer

Freelance Writer

Freelance Copywriter
Ocean Street

Freelance UX Design Course Writer

Freelance Science/Medical Writer
Cancer Monthly

Freelance Marketing Content Writer
SQA Solution

Freelance Writer

Freelance Copywriter
Ocean Street

Freelance Event Communications Content Lead
Crawford Group

Freelance Writer / Editor

Freelance Writer and Social Media Strategist
Erreco Strategies

Freelance Journalist
communication firm

Freelance Full-time Editor - Pays $35K-$60K

Freelance Copwriter
creative agency

Freelance Writer - outdoor, technology, sportswear, fitness
Digital Trends

Freelance Content Manager - politics
blind ad

Freelance Mechanic Writers - to answer questions. Pays $5/question.

Freelance Manuscript Formatter - Pays $14.25-16.25/hour.
The Cognella Academic Publishing imprint of Cognella, Inc.

Freelance Writers - to be virtual dating assistants. Pays $13-$15/hour.

Freelance Technical Writer/Analyst - Energy. Pays $15/hour
public interest group

Freelance French Proofreader / Editor
growing editing resource

Freelance Digital Media and Social Media Administrator

Freelance Assistant Editor - Pays $20/hour

Freelance Writers / Editors
Pop That Collar

Freelance Social Media Community Manager
Market America

Freelance Copy Editors
Bookbright Media

Freelance Writer

Freelance Spanish and English Transcriptionist - Pays $10-$20/hour
blind ad

See the links to these jobs here


Whispers and Warnings

Whispers and Warnings for 11/09/2016

Whispers and Warnings for 11/09/2016

WOW! Amazon Suing Over Honesty?? Amazon Is Cracking Down on More Fake Reviews Amazon is suing two sellers in the U.S. and one in the E.U. By purchasing fake reviews, Amazon says these sellers are boosting their products’ ratings, unfairly competing with sellers who operate their businesses honestly and intentionally influencing buyers’ decisions. It looks like authors and publishers aren't …

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