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The Masters Review

The Masters Review
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Editor: Cole Meyer, Editor-in-Chief
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About The Publication:

“Founded by Kim Winternheimer in 2011, the Masters Review is an online and in print publication celebrating new and emerging writers. We are on the lookout for the best new talent with hopes of publishing stories from writers who will continue to produce great work. We offer critical essays, book reviews by debut authors, contest deadlines, submissions info, and interviews with established authors, all with the hopes of bridging the gap between new and established writers. The Masters Review has several ways to submit. New Voices is open year round and is available to any emerging writer. This category is always free to enter and pays up to $200 for selected stories. Additionally, we are (almost always) open to contest submissions, with prizes up to $3,000. There is a $20 submission fee for contest entries. The full contest calendar is available on our website.” Weekly. Buys first rights. No reprints. Responds within three months. Guidelines online.

Pays $200 for short stories and narrative essays, $100 for flash-length work

Current Needs:

“We don’t have any preferences topically or in terms of style. We’re simply looking for the best fiction or creative non-fiction from new and emerging writers (writers without a novel or novel-length body of work published, or those with a circulation below 5,000 copies). We don’t define, nor are we interested in, stories identified by their genre. We do, however, consider ourselves a publication that focuses on literary fiction. Dazzle us, take chances, and be bold.” Pays $200 for short stories and narrative essays, $100 for flash-length work and contests have a grand prize of $3K. New Voices up to 7,000 words, Flash-Length up to 1,000 words, and contests run up to 6,000 words. Submit ms online.

Pays $200 for short stories and narrative essays, $100 for flash-length work



“We are currently open for Flash Fiction Contest submissions through the end of May. It’s suggested you read our New Voices archive to get a sense for what we’re
looking for. Our blog occasionally publishes Craft Chats and Notes from the Slush with our editors, which should give some indication for what we’re interested in, what we’ve been seeing too much of, and common mistakes from writers.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes