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* UPDATED Print on Demand (POD) Price Comparison!

* We're OUTTA Here! Trekking To Tennessee In Search Of Fall!

* BookLocker Was My Gateway For Landing A Traditional Contract WITH an Advance!

* "How much should I charge to ghostwrite someone's life story?"

* Letters and Comments for 10/13/16

* Paying Markets For Writers and Photographers

* Freelance Writing Jobs

* Freelance Success Story: From Backpacker To Travel Writer

* Whispers and Warnings for 10/13/2016

* WritersWeekly Trivia Question for 10/13/2016


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Angela's Desk

UPDATED Print on Demand (POD) Price Comparison!

UPDATED Print on Demand (POD) Price Comparison!

Considering self-publishing? Check out this price comparison featuring 15 of the most popular Print on Demand publishers!

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From The Home Office

We're OUTTA Here! Trekking To Tennessee In Search Of Fall!

We're OUTTA Here! Trekking To Tennessee In Search Of Fall!

Each year, we grow weary of the Florida heat, and get homesick for a real fall. We are departing early Saturday morning, and will not return for two weeks. And, this year, we're not only taking our dog, Coco, but we're taking our cat, Rambo, as well. Nobody was available for kitty-sitting and we would never board one of our …

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This Week's Article

BookLocker Was My Gateway For Landing A Traditional Contract WITH an Advance! - By Michael Brian Murphy

BookLocker Was My Gateway For Landing A Traditional Contract WITH An Advance!

Fortunately, I found BookLocker, who published NLD From the Inside Out in both POD and ebook formats, with a generous royalty rate. Angela and Richard and their whole team provided excellent customer service: helping me navigate all the pitfalls of a novice author, and even went to bat for me when Amazon.com started causing problems for publishers

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Ask The Expert

"How Much Should I Charge To Ghostwrite Someone's lLife Story?"

I've been approached to write and collaborate on a book of someone's life story. They've agreed to list me as the co-author, and asked what type of payment I desire. I've done my research on ghostwriting, and know that the fees vary from per project to per hour. My experience with this scale is lacking. I don't want to sell …

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Paying Markets

Equipment Journal

"Equipment Journal is Canada's best-read national heavy equipment publication. It features the latest news on the greatest products in the heavy equipment market (construction, demolition, material handling mining, forestry, trucks) and the people who use, sell, and produce them." Welcomes new writers. 5% freelance. Circ. 23K. Publishes issue every three weeks. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 3-6 weeks after acceptance. Buys all rights. Accepts reprints. Responds 2-5 days. Sample copy available by email to office@equipmentjournal.com. Subscription $40. Pays $0.30-$0.40/word for 200-1000 words. Submit query by email to editor-at-equipmentjournal.com.

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The Consumer Eagle

"The Consumer Eagle is an online newspaper scheduled to launch in mid-February. The audience is a general purpose audience with a presumed interest in consumer law. Our editorial viewpoint leans slightly on the side of consumer advocacy, but does not demonize business/industry. The target audience encompasses consumers, policymakers, and businesspeople. In other words, the writing should be interesting enough to engage those in-the-know, but straightforward enough to maintain the interest of those with little knowledge of consumer law." 100% freelance. Daily. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms 1-2 days after acceptance. Responds 1-2 days. Guidelines available by email. Pays $60-$125 for 600-1000 words.

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"EContent is a leading authority on the businesses of digital publishing, media, and marketing, targeting executives and decision-makers in these fast-changing markets." 100% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Six Issues per year. Pays on publication. Period between acceptance and publication varies. Buys 90-day rights. No reprints. Pays $200-$750 depending on the type of article. Responds to queries in 24 hours. Sample issue available if you sign up for free subscription. Guidelines online at http://www.econtentmag.com/About_Us

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Freelance Writing Jobs

Writing Jobs For 10/06/216

See the links to these jobs here

Freelance Communications Coordinator
Public Banking Institute

Freelance List Writers
Valnet Inc.

Freelance Entertainment and Social News Article Writer

Freelance Writer

Freelance Copywriter
Ocean Street

Freelance UX Design Course Writer

Freelance Science/Medical Writer
Cancer Monthly

Freelance Marketing Content Writer
SQA Solution

Freelance Writer

Freelance Copywriter
Ocean Street

Freelance Event Communications Content Lead
Crawford Group

Freelance Writer / Editor

Freelance Writer and Social Media Strategist
Erreco Strategies

Freelance Journalist
communication firm

Freelance Full-time Editor - Pays $35K-$60K

Freelance Copwriter
creative agency

Freelance Writer - outdoor, technology, sportswear, fitness
Digital Trends

Freelance Content Manager - politics
blind ad

Freelance Mechanic Writers - to answer questions. Pays $5/question.

Freelance Manuscript Formatter - Pays $14.25-16.25/hour.
The Cognella Academic Publishing imprint of Cognella, Inc.

Freelance Writers - to be virtual dating assistants. Pays $13-$15/hour.

Freelance Technical Writer/Analyst - Energy. Pays $15/hour
public interest group

Freelance French Proofreader / Editor
growing editing resource

Freelance Digital Media and Social Media Administrator

Freelance Assistant Editor - Pays $20/hour

Freelance Writers / Editors
Pop That Collar

Freelance Social Media Community Manager
Market America

Freelance Copy Editors
Bookbright Media

Freelance Writer

Freelance Spanish and English Transcriptionist - Pays $10-$20/hour
blind ad

See the links to these jobs here


Success Story

From Backpacker To Travel Writer By Sue King

From Backpacker To Travel Writer

Travel has been a lifelong passion of mine. I have worked at a variety of jobs from cleaning houses to office administration to save up for my backpacking adventures. On return from my travels, I found myself applying for the same dead end jobs. I took on mundane work in order to squirrel away enough money for whatever I had …

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Whispers and Warnings

Whispers and Warnings for 10/13/2016

Whispers and Warnings for 10/13/2016

"Criminal" Justice She called the man who sexually assaulted her a rapist. Then he sued her for defamation. "Just when Xiong thought it was over, it seemed like it was starting again. Xiong, now 24, was sued for defamation by her attacker, Lang Her, 26, who claimed that she and her siblings tarnished his reputation when they called him a rapist online in reference to the assault..." Creator of …

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