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Paying Markets

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

"The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction has been one of the genre's leading publications since 1949." Buys first N.A. serial rights and select world rights. Occasionally accepts reprints. Pays $0.07-$0.12/word Read more →

Massage Magazine

Monthly in print, and five times a week in digital. Pays 30 days after publication. Publishes ms 30-90 days after acceptance. Buys First N.A. rights, and right to repurpose. No reprints. Responds in 30 days. Guidelines are available by email. Pays $0.20/word for 1000-2000 words Read more →

Leading Edge

“Leading Edge magazine publishes short stories, poetry, and essays that relate to science fiction, fantasy, and horror. We also contract for short-term blogs and art. The magazine was started in 1981 by a team of students from Brigham Young University and continues to be run by a team of dedicated volunteers. Leading Edge is a great place for both first-time and well-established authors.” Biannual. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 4-5 months after acceptance. Buys First N.A. rights, for six months. No reprints. Responds within one week. Pays $10-$50. Read more →