Not Local? No Problem! 18 Regional Markets That Pay NON-LOCAL Writers! by Angela Hoy

Not Local? No Problem! 18 Regional Markets That Pay NON-LOCAL Writers! by Angela Hoy

Do you live in a small town in the U.S., or perhaps even overseas? Perhaps you assume that far-away regional markets for writers would never be interested in your work…because you’re not local. But, if you study some of those market listings, you might be pleasantly surprised! Many don’t care where their writers live as long as they can turn in a good piece on time, and give it a regional slant. With the Internet and a good cell phone, and long-distance sources who are usually more than happy to provide you with high-quality photos on request, you can interview anyone, anywhere, and “regionalize” your piece! In some cases, for “regional” publications that buy fiction, poetry, prose, or general business articles, you won’t need to regionalize at all!

If you concoct a great story idea in advance, and lock down a date for a future (phone or Skype) interview with a great source in the publication’s region, your chances of landing that contract are even greater! Better still, some regional publications are interested in not only local stories, but general business, health, home life, and other features as well. Some, like Provincetown Arts below, even buy fiction. Two others, also featured below, buy prose and poetry.

So, don’t let a place name in a Regional magazine, website, or blog dissuade you from taking a better look. You just might find a new, long-term client.

Check out these “regional” paying markets for writers!

Alaska Business Monthly
Pays $100-$500.
“Alaska Business Monthly’s goal is to provide thorough and objective analyses of the issues and trends affecting Alaska’s businesses, and to feature stories on the individuals, organizations, and companies that shape the Alaska Economy. Alaska Business Monthly explores the Alaska economy with a statewide and regional approach to business coverage.”

California Real Estate
Pays $800.
“A real estate industry trade magazine delivered to 160,000 REALTORS in the state of California, which covers issues related to the housing industry, the economy and real estate.”

Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement
Pays $350.
Needs “how-to articles in the area of home improvement.”

The Cincinnati Review
Pays $30/page for poetry; $25/page for prose.
“The Cincinnati Review is a literary magazine published biannually out of the University of Cincinnati. Prose and poetry from our pages has appeared in anthologies including Best American Poetry, Best American Short Stories, Best American Essays, and others.”

Dakotafire Media
Pays $50-$150.
“Dakotafire’s goal is sparking rural revival, one story at a time. Most of our stories are written collaboratively with weekly newspaper journalists in our region. We also accept freelance stories, or freelancers can contribute reporting to our collaborative stories. We cover the eastern Dakotas, especially the James River Valley.”

Pays $100.
“Dutch, the magazine publishes articles about The Netherlands and its people, at home and abroad. We focus on quality background articles about The Netherlands (culture, travel, society, art, history, biography, language etc.) and in particular also the Dutch in North-America and worldwide (New Netherland Colony, ‘Dutch’ settlements in North America, famous Dutch-Americans/Dutch-Canadians, Dutch influence on North American culture, Dutch immigration to North America etc.). Occasional articles about (former) Dutch colonies or areas where there is or was a Dutch presence (Suriname,
Indonesia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Aruba etc. also welcome, as long as the Dutch connection is a focal feature of the article).”

The Georgia Review
Prose is paid at $50 per printed page; poetry is paid at $4/line.
“Published continuously since its 1947 founding at The University of Georgia, The Georgia Review is widely recognized as one of America’s premier journals of arts and letters. Each quarterly issue (published in March, June, September, and December) is not only a generous gathering of distinguished parts—essays, stories, poems, art, and book reviews—but also an orchestrated whole, a one-time community of individual pieces arranged to complement and enhance one another.”

Ft Myers Magazine
Pays $0.10/word.
“Celebrating the arts & living in Southwest Florida.”

German Life
Pay for features starts at $350.
“Covers travel, cultural, historical, genealogical topics (in English) about Germany, Austria, Switzerland and German America.”

Indian Life
Pays $0.15/word.
“We are a bi-monthly Native North American newspaper whose purpose is to present good news of what’s happening across Indian Country.”

Lake Superior Magazine
Pays $100-$400 + extra for photos.
“Lake Superior Magazine covers the watershed and extended neighborhood of Lake Superior – including the shores of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ontario. All stories must have a regional focus. We are more in the style of the old Look and Life magazines, with solid journalism as well as lifestyle stories and fantastic photography (for which we are noted).”

The Local Palate
Pays $250-$750.
“We represent the food culture of the South; the area we cover ranges from Maryland down to Florida and as far West as Texas. We collect personal stories about chefs, farmers, vendors, as well as other culinary personalities, in an effort to share the history of the varied culinary traditions across the South. We include recipes and ‘how-tos’ for a wide variety of dishes and drinks. Our departments include: Key Ingredient, Season’s Eatings, Toast of the Town, EATymology, The Interview, Test Kitchen, Culinary Class, Gourmet Getaways, and Oh! Pair.”

Missouri Life
Pay varies.
“Missouri Life sets out to discover and explore the beauty of Missouri. The magazine showcases travel, food, history, and lifestyle writing.”

Pacific Coast Business Times
Pay varies.
“Weekly business journal serving Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo Counties in California.”

Pittsburgh Magazine
Pay varies.
Nightlife, sports, drinks and spirits, entertainment, home, fashion, lifestyle, arts and culture, weddings, brides, dining, food, kitchen, food trends, and more.

Provincetown Arts
Pays $80-$750.
“Provincetown Arts focuses broadly on artists, performers, and writers who inhabit or visit the tip of Cape Cod, and seeks to stimulate creative activity and enhance public recognition of the nation’s oldest continuous art colony. Drawing on a century-long tradition rich in art, theater, and writing, Provincetown Arts publishes essays, fiction, interviews, journals, performance pieces, poetry, profiles, reporting, reviews, and visual features, with a view toward demonstrating that a community of artists, functioning outside the urban centers, is a utopian dream with an ongoing vitality.”

Western Ag Reporter
Pays flat fee of $50 for up to 800 words.
“Offers to our large and close readership not only the news that affects production agriculture but also a healthy dose of Western history, a weekly cooking column, plenty of patriotic material, and plenty of Western humor.”

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