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About The Publication:

“Published continuously since its 1947 founding at The University of Georgia, The Georgia Review is widely recognized as one of America’s premier journals of arts and letters. Each quarterly issue (published in March, June, September, and December) is not only a generous gathering of distinguished parts—essays, stories, poems, art, and book reviews—but also an orchestrated whole, a one-time community of individual pieces arranged to complement and enhance one another. The Review is a frequent finalist for the National Magazine Award and has brought home “Ellies” for Fiction and for Essays. Our contributors and our readers come from every state in the country.” Welcomes new writers. 99% freelance. Circ. 3K. Quarterly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 6-9 months after acceptance. Buys First NA Serial rights. No reprints. Responds 2-4 months. Sample back issues available for $10 by calling 800-542-3481. Subscription $40, $55 foreign. Prose is paid at $50 per printed page; poetry is paid at $4/line.

Current Needs:

“We are always on the lookout for exceptional work in all genres – poetry, short fiction, and essay. Prose is paid at $50 per printed page; poetry is paid at $4/line. We have no predetermined length restrictions for poems, stories, or essays. Reviewers should consult with our editors, in advance, on a case by case basis. Please see our submission guidelines, available as indicated above. We do not consider unsolicited manuscripts between 15 May and 15 August; submissions received during that period will be returned unread. Work previously published in any form or submitted simultaneously to other journals will not be considered.” Prose is paid at $50 per printed page; poetry is paid at $4/line.

Prose is paid at $50 per printed page; poetry is paid at $4/line.


“We publish reproductions (color or black-and-white) of a wide range of artwork: paintings, photography, woodcuts, ink drawings, sculpture, and more. Usually we feature one artist per issue, with images on the front and back cover plus an interior layout of eight additional images; our preference is for groupings that display an engaging variety within some overall thematic unity. Submissions should include fifteen to twenty images, either original slides or electronic files on CD, and should be directed to our managing editor.” Pays $500 for 10 images.


“The most common mistake writers make is not reading our magazine and deciding for themselves, in an honestly self-aware manner, whether their work might be right for us. We do not have any special issues scheduled at this time. Our advice to writers is that they should know the competition (i.e., the history of literature), they should be their own harshest critics, and they should be patient—with themselves during the writing process and with editors during the submission/evaluation process.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes