9 Paying Feminist Markets For Writers By Shanon Lee

9 Paying Feminist Markets For Writers By Shanon Lee

Do you pen feminist pieces, and need to find a place to sell them? Have you considered charting a new course and writing about feminist issues? From investigative features to personal essays, you can find a home for your feminist writing.

In addition to political op-eds, feminist-friendly print and digital publications will pay for features that address social trends, activism, cultural identity, lifestyle, entertainment, body image and sexuality. Though these publications are female-focused, or have a strong feminist tone, some are inclusive and publish work from male, female and trans writers.

Whether you are pitching pop culture pieces or research-based articles, your stories must appeal to female identifying readers and relate to current social issues or trending topics. Carefully review the writer’s guidelines for each publication and familiarize yourself with the content to ensure your piece is a good fit before submission.

Here are 9 feminist-friendly paying publications:

Bitch Magazine

Pays $200 for features, $100 for dispatches and $40 for Department of Everything pieces. Bitch Magazine accepts interviews, personal essays and think pieces related to popular movies, TV, magazines, books and advertising from a feminist perspective.

Submission Guidelines: https://bitchmedia.org/writers-guidelines – print

Black Girl Dangerous

Pays $75 to $120 for articles and essays. Accepts stories about current events with a strong feminist focus. Black Girl Dangerous only publishes work by writers of color that are queer and/or transgender.

Submission Guidelines:


Reportedly pays around $50 to $100 per feature. Payment may vary. Bust publishes news, entertainment, celebrity, lifestyle and fashion articles from a feminist perspective.

Submission Guidelines:


Reportedly pays around $60 per article. Pay is negotiable and rates may vary. Bustle accepts female-focused articles about fashion, politics, technology, diversity, celebrities, health, beauty, work, sex and friendship. Geared toward millennials.

Submission Guidelines: https://bustle.submittable.com/submit

Dame Magazine

Reportedly pays around $200 for essays. Rates vary for reported features, Q&As and op-eds. Dame Magazine accepts female-focused and provocative articles and essays on topics ranging from race to entertainment.

Submission Guidelines: https://www.damemagazine.com/about

Herizons Magazine

Pays $175 for news, $250-$750 for features, and $65 for book or movie reviews. All payments in Canadian dollars. Herizons Magazine only accepts stories on topics that concern feminist readers in Canada.

Submission Guidelines: https://www.herizons.ca/contribute


Reportedly pays around $50 to $75 per article or essay. Ravishly accepts stories on motherhood, politics, gender equality, sex and body acceptance from an intersectional feminist perspective.

Submission Guidelines: https://www.ravishly.com/work-with-us

Scary Mommy

Pays $100 per original piece. Scary Mommy accepts “imperfect parenting” stories that relate to a broad audience. Publishes a high number of parenting essays and articles from a feminist perspective.

Submission Guidelines: https://www.scarymommy.com/write-for-scary-mommy/

The Establishment

Pays $125 for feature stories and $500 for long form investigative features on a wide range of topics. Though The Establishment is female-focused and aims to promote work by marginalized voices, they also accept articles and essays by cis men.

Submission Guidelines:

Shanon Lee is an American Writer, Journalist, Activist, Filmmaker and Media Personality that has been featured on HuffPost Live, The Wall Street Journal and The Labor of Love Podcast. She hosts “The Hush,” a Blab talk show for feminist voices.


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  2. Shanon Lee | MLFW (@mylove4writing)  June 27, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    How so, Lyn? I’m curious because I have mostly sold pieces about my parenting approach, sexual violence and misogyny. And by all means, add any I might have missed – a lot of feminist publications are starting to disappear!

  3. Lyn Jensen (@lynmarenjensen)  June 27, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    I hate to say this but most of these “feminist magazines” appear to be buying into the male-dominated idea of women’s identity.