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COMPLAINTS about Authors Press AND Westwood Books Publishing

DISCLAIMER: We compete directly with these companies. We reject a large number of manuscripts each year. When we do, we ...
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6 Ways to Make Your Blog Profitable By Jennifer Brown Banks

When I began my blogging journey back in 2009, I never envisioned it as an additional income stream as a ...
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How to Successfully Hand-Sell Copies of Your Book by Bonnie McCune

Before I published my first novel, no method of promoting books terrified me as much as selling at a bookstore, ...
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Book Awards: Worth the Cost?

Q - Hi Angela, I’m wondering what you might know about poetry awards and prizes, such as the Pulitzer Prize ...
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How to Use Breaking News Stories to Instantly Promote Your Website, Services, or Books

I performed a social media experiment last weekend and it was a huge success! After all of the hullabaloo about ...
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Can’t Easily Find Your Book on Amazon? Here’s Why!

Over the years, I have received this same basic complaint from authors about Amazon: "I can't find my book on ...
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How I Sold All 28,000 Copies of My Children’s Books by Cynthia Wylie

Even if you’re with a traditional publisher, you still have to do your own marketing. In 2018 I published a ...
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SELF-PUBLISHING IN 2023? – How Many Book Sales Needed to Recoup Your Investment?

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ARE YOU A BARD, TOO? 10 Bits of Writing and Publishing Advice from the Famous Bard of the South, Rickey Pittman!

“A king is a king, but a bard is the heart and soul of the people; he is their life ...
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“How can I get my book up for sale under Amazon Prime?”

Q - How can I get my book, (title removed), to sell as a Prime product on Amazon? L.Z. A ...
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Can You Share Your Email List With Me?

You'd be surprised how many people ask me to share my email lists with them...for free. I won't even do ...
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Marketing to Libraries – A Waste of Time?

I’m often asked how new authors, both self- and traditionally-published, can get their book into libraries. Traditional publishers often don’t ...
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“What are the top retail links that I should put on my website for book buyers?”

Angela, My webmaster is adding information about my book to my website. I know my book is available at lots ...
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How I Got a Quarter of a Million Views on My TikTok Video – in Just 3 Days!

QUICK UPDATE: I started writing this article last week. My TikTok video is now up to 462,000 views. I haven't ...
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Can Anyone Really Tell the Difference Between Self-Published and Traditionally Published Books Now?

Angela, There is, on Facebook, a popular group that does reviews of articles, books, etc. (and their focus is on ...
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7 Reasons Why TikTok is Your Best Platform for Book Promotion – by William Opar

As the world of book promotion continues to evolve, new ways of promoting your book are continually being explored. Digital ...
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Why is Amazon Raising the Prices of So Many PAPERBACK Books by $8 to $10…or More?

We are seeing lots of complaints online from authors (published by a variety of publishers - including Amazon!) who are ...
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The Old Amazon Best Seller Scam is Still Happening! Don’t Be Sucked In!!

Best Seller: "A book or other product that sells in very large numbers." - Oxford Languages "A popular product and ...
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Why It’s a Bad Idea to Delay Releasing Your Book

Q - Hi Angela, I will hopefully have my newest book finished in a couple of weeks. That being said, ...
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How to Get Your Audiobook Customers to Buy Your Other Books! – by Neil Plakcy

One of the most important ways we can gain readers or listeners, and then keep them consuming our books, is ...
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