Complaints About POD Companies

URGENT NOTE FOR AUTHORS OF FAILED TATE PUBLISHING – Your “Production Files” Might Have Problems!

Last week at BookLocker, we processed the first set of files from one of defunct Tate Publishing's victims. On the copyright ...
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Infinity Publishing Tries to Insult Us on Twitter, Then Immediately Blocks Us

Last week, I was pretty shocked when Infinity Publishing tweeted that is a "discount publisher." And, they didn't tweet it in ...
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“CreateSpace has put us in a very bad light with our customers! I’m at my wit’s end! Can BookLocker get my book published right away?” YEP!

Hi Angela, After MONTHS of twice weekly (file) rejections from CreateSpace for the most piddling reasons, I have had it ...
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Just a few snippets from below: * "a HUGE waste of time" * "they provide a flawed service to authors" ...
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Lots of Imprints and Lots of Complaints! Could You Unwittingly Crawl into Bed with Author Solutions?

The first big Author Solutions lawsuit was denied class-action status so the plaintiffs must sue on their own. But, the ...
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More Lulu Complaints – Thinking Of Using Lulu To Publish Your Book? You Might Want To Read These Authors’ Complaints First! By Angela Hoy

Almost five years ago, we published our first article featuring complaints about Lulu. In 2011, we checked in to see ...
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Thinking of using CreateSpace to publish your book? You might want to read these authors' complaints first. They discuss interior ...
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Complaints about AuthorHouse, Complaints about Xlibris, Complaints about iUniverse, Complaints about Trafford, etc., etc. – Angela Hoy, a firm that competes with Author Solutions (the parent company of AuthorHouse, Xlibris, iUniverse, Trafford, and more), is the ...
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Complaints About Lulu Are Spilling Onto Lulu’s Own Twitter Page

We've previously covered the numerous complaints posted about to their own forums by their own authors. The complaints are ...
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Back in 2009, we published THIS ARTICLE, which featured numerous complaints about Lulu, posted directly to Lulu's forum by Lulu's ...
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Ask Angela About Self-Publishing

Angela Hoy is not only publisher of, she's also co-owner of self-publishing services firm and works directly with each author. That's right, you work directly with the owner of BookLocker. No revolving customer service reps, no layers of bureaucracy to navigate, and absolutely no outsourcing to low-paying overseas call centers. We don't use call centers or telemarketing at all. You will never be shuffled from one "customer service rep" to another because we don't have any of those. You will communicate directly with Angela about any needs you have at all, as well as Richard (book marketing advice), Brian (ebooks and technical issues), Ali (print formatting), Gwen (color-interior books) and Todd or Nancy (our awesome cover designers).

Since we are selective about which books we publish, we are able to work with every author one-on-one. In the past 18 years, BookLocker has published more than 9,000 titles.

Angela's been in the print-on-demand and self-publishing business for nearly two decades. She's seen it all, and is a great source of information. To ask her anything click here.