Author Hasn’t Been Able to Get in Contact with Stratton Press for 4 MONTHS!

Author Hasn’t Been Able to Get in Contact with Stratton Press for 4 MONTHS!

Q –

My wife is an author of (two books). We have been with Stratton Press for about four years. We read what you said about their “F” rating. We haven’t been able to get ahold of them for four months. Do you have anything you can do to get the copies we paid to print these books for their warehouse and the manuscripts? Or any recommendations ? We would appreciate any help we can get!

A –

I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice. If you require legal advice, please consult with an attorney. That said…

Unfortunately, no. You are probably out of luck all the way around.Here is a screenshot shot I just took of Stratton Press’s Facebook page. Based on this, and other complaints online, you’re not the only ones. Notice these were posted within the past week:

You can try having an attorney contact them for your wife’s files but it would probably be less expensive in the long-run to start all over with publishing the books. Also, you can report them to their state’s attorney general’s office. And, if they have broken the terms of your wife’s contract, she should contact them immediately to terminate the contract. She can then contact Amazon, and ask the retailer to remove her books.

And, if you do republish, I recommend changing the titles of her books so people won’t get confused, and try to buy copies that Stratton Press may still be selling.

Sometimes, these firms get into financial trouble and, instead of doing the right thing, and alerting their customers, they simply stop operations with no warning (or they keep sucking in new customers, but start ignoring their existing ones). They stop responding to emails and phone calls, stop paying royalties, stop shipping out books, etc., etc. They simply…disappear. With their customers’ money, of course.

Check out the info. about Stratton Press at the sites below:

Author Christopher D. Schmitz (and, read the comments underneath his article)

Mercy Pilkington

Nerdy Shique Universe

Victoria Strauss



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