Where are these book marketing companies finding my phone number?!

Where are these book marketing companies finding my phone number?!


I recently self-published my book and now my phone is ringing off the hook. It seems almost every day I’m getting phone calls from companies who want to “feature” my book at a book fair, in a magazine, on a radio show, and other places, too.

Did my publisher sell my information to these companies? Did someone else?



It is highly doubtful that your publisher provided your information to marketing companies after your book was published. Rather, it was probably you who inadvertently did it.

I looked up your book on Amazon, and found your full name. I then Googled that, and instantly found your website. Once there, I saw your marketing materials for your book (which look great, by the way!) and I clicked on your Contact link. Your address and phone number are listed there.

I also found several public information websites that have your address and phone number listed on there as well. It was easy because you have a very unique name. If your name was John Smith, it would have been far more difficult.

This is the same process that salespeople use to find new authors. They go to Amazon, click on “books,” click on Advanced Search, and then sort those by publication date. They then start Googling author names and their book titles. If they can’t find your phone number that way, they’ll use public information sites but, when they do that, sometimes they grab the wrong phone number. Or, they know it’s the wrong number but that it’s one of the author’s family members. That’s why so many authors report that their mother or some other family member received a phone call from a salesperson, acting desperate to contact the author because they have such a “great deal,” and can make that author’s book a “best seller!”

I recommend removing your phone number from your website. Instead, use a contact form so people can email you directly from your website without spam filters intercepting their messages to you. That should cut down on the telemarketing calls.

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