Avoid Authors Press!

Avoid Authors Press!

Q –

Authors Press contacted me about adding my book to its network for a fee of $800. It has good and bad reviews, but a good BBB rating.

Would you consider my book in your list of published books?

A –

The only thing a company needs to do to have a good rating on bbb.org is to respond to every review and complaint. They can copy and paste the exact same words over and over again into the response box on bbb.org and it’s still considered a response. Ignore the A+ rating and, instead, read all of the complaints about them.

Also, please see:
COMPLAINTS about Authors Press AND Westwood Books Publishing

That’s an investigative piece I did and you won’t believe what I found.

You wrote: “Would you consider my book in your list of published books?”

It looks like your book is already published. On BookLocker and WritersWeekly, we can only feature books we have published. I’m sorry.



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