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Letters To The Editor For November 16th

This Week:

  • Writing Collaborations: Are Two Heads Better Than One?
  • When PR People Make Dumb Mistakes
  • Another Type Of Author Fraud...

Letters To The Editor For November 9th

This Week:

  • Bogus Book Orders
  • Let Sources Check Articles? Well...Maybe Sometimes!
  • Kudos to Felice Prager!
  • Is His "Legal Counsel" Really An Attorney?



Hope your return trip was safe and uneventful. You are such a hero to continue to provide WritersWeekly. I am truly amazed at your tenacious desire to help aspiring writers. There are so many other websites that simply provide a blog/forum and nothing else. However, after reading about Janet Kay & Associates, again, I must say the field of writing continues to resemble a badly managed lottery, with more scams per square inch than probably any other single category or endeavour. Yet you soldier on. I am sure there are many others in your "literary family" who use your site to pursue your goals and never think to thank you for such reliable entertainment and insignt into the world of writing and publishing. In my case, as noted before, I have abandoned all interest in becoming a published author (would rather spend my money more easily on a lottery ticket). BUT I have been presented with a wonderful education into the industry. I learned a good deal about contracts and protecting publishing rights; learned how to spot a scam more quickly and accurately, and learned to be a better literary critic (which extends into film as well). And all for the price of an email address. Keep up the good work. and thank you again for what you do. Cheers, Freddy …

Readers Respond To Janet Kay & Associates’ Ridiculous Plea Bargain

I was appalled by your article on Janet Kay & Associates and the plea agreement. Another appalling thing that I would like to bring to everyone's attention are the words "deferred adjudication" in the district attorney's e-mail. --- Like you I'm appalled at how easily this woman and her cohorts got off. But my question is who is going to be watching them to make sure they don't just set up shop and start this all over again? --- I read your recent posting on the Janet Kay fraud, and I'm not at all surprised that the victims ended up getting a raw deal. I spent 5 years years being an advocate for a group of investors who were victims of a massive investor fraud ( $8 million total) in Texas, and about the same thing happened. …

You List Mags That Really Need Writers!

In the 9/28 issue you listed a national cheerleading magazine as someone in need of articles, so as a former high school cheerleading captain I sent in a query the same day with a story idea about how cheer skills can help one off the court and in real life situations. Lo and behold, my idea was accepted yesterday and they're sending me a contract! I just got back into the writing game a month or so ago and joined your list then (I emailed you earlier about a book contract and your advice was very helpful, and I bought one of your e-books) but I wanted to let you know that your job postings are dead-on...you actually list magazines who really NEED and WANT writers, as opposed to stale information that anyone can find! Thanks so much for your awesome list! Take care, Nancy …

Re: Why All Books Should Be Non-Returnable

  • Former Bookstore Owner Says...
  • Another Permanent Temporary Solution...
  • Author Supports Both Systems
  • Book Signings A Problem
  • Another Opinion On The History Of Returns
  • Another Way Returns Can Victimize Publishers

Authors Who Spam

I would like to respond to your recent article titled Authors Who Spam. I work for the editorial department of a local business newspaper where I receive and distribute all general e-mails to our publication. I also write a column for a national publication on playwriting for which I sometimes review books. While inappropriate spam is annoying and our e-mail server works to block it, we do not mind mass e-mailed press releases about books or events or news stories pertinent to our geographic area. We expect it, actually. …

Letters To The Editor For August 31st

This Week:

  • Enjoyed The Newsletter Writing Class!
  • Regarding Angela's article: World's Worst Book Proposals
  • Dealing With Jerks Online
  • Regarding last week's article: Who Cares If It's Spelled Right?
  • Thanks For The Leads!
  • Angela Is In Current Issue Of Bottomline Personal

Letters To The Editor For August 10th

This Week:

  • Record Number of Letters Received About the Amazon.com Best Seller Program!
  • Victoria's Press Release Class
  • Kudos

Letters To The Editor For August 3rd

This Week:

  • No Social Security Number Until Contract Offered!
  • Amazon.com Best Seller? Ha!
  • From A Friend In Argentina

Using Headphones for Productivity

Dearest Angela, Headphones? I love it! Now maybe I can some work done around here! Sincerely, Sherry G (mother of 4, writer of not-enough) --- Angela, Enjoyed your bit about interruptions from the kids. Take it from me, it will never get better. I have a "kid" - age 42 - who lives downstairs. We both work at home, so learning not to interrupt has been an issue on both sides. I do a lot of transcription work; whenever I have my earphones on he stops dead in his tracks, but without them I am fair game. I must confess I tend to do the same to him, but I have learned to knock and, if he doesn't answer, I know he doesn't want to derail the train of thought. If I knock three times, he knows it's urgent. E.G. …


Richard and Angela, I have been fairly shouting from the rooftops to my writer-buddies that WritersWeekly.com is the best online market for authors who write about writing. I have never received such prompt feedback about my submissions, whether yea or nay...have never been paid as quickly (virtually nobody else pays on acceptance these days)...and you have always been so courteous and attentive to any concerns I've had. In short, you rock. Warm regards, Carol L. Skolnick Clear Life Solutions Author, Creative Marketing Consultant, Facilitator, The Work of Byron Katie http://hometown.aol.com/sput6 blog: http://www.soulsurgery.blogspot.com

Ads In Books

Angela, I noticed you did an article on ads in books. Ironically, I am currently holding an eBay auction for that very purpose. My auction made Adweek Magazine! You can read about it here: http://www.theopenpress.com/index.php?a=press&id=2328. The Adweek article is here: http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/adweek/20050620/ad_bpiaw/shoptalkonechapteratatime. You can see my auction here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5592706975. Just wanted to let you know that some authors are effectively doing this! Thanks for your great article! Michael T. Owens …

Letters To The Editor For June 15th

This Week:

  • One Of Many Letters About Kathryn's Inspiring Article!
  • Kudos
  • Comment On Editor's "Someday" File

Saved from the Pay-Per-Click

Hi Angela, Thank you, thank you and (just one more) thank you. I read your article about pay-per-click websites as I started to subscribe to a couple of them. To be fair - I don't know yet how ethical they are but I've placed a piece of work with each, so patience will be a virtue in this case. I wasn't aware of their impracticality until I started to consider your points. I'll be subscribing to WritersWeekly.com shortly and hopefully find a reasonably rewarding site or two. I'm a university student at the moment, so a summer income would be welcome. Thanks again, Paul B. …

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