Letters To The Editor For February 15th

Baby Sign Language

I was getting very interested in the story about baby sign language, but could find no further mention of it on your site. I would sure like to learn more. My nephew is just over two months old. How exciting it would be for his well-invested mom to communicate with him in this manner! Thanks, though, for leading me to this site. I had a C-section with my son at age 39 and was the oldest person to participate in the process (there was a REAL medical reason for mine)…and, the first to get up and walk around! Great hint for anyone who must go through this…use your diaphram muscles (your solar-plexis) to get up and down while pregnant and it will be ready and able to take over while your stomach heals!



To teach ourselves and the coming baby sign language, we first purchased this book and tape (great starter kit and lots of babies on the tape for your nephew to watch): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1932354018

Last week, I bought the first in this series: https://www.signingtime.com/ (Max really likes these)

We also purchased the American Sign Language Dictionary. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0062736345

Max actually brings us the dictionary when he wants us to look up new signs for him!

Bottom Feeders

Hi Angela!

Just to thank you for your article about those “bottom feeders”. Years ago, when I was just starting out in my writing career, I almost got taken in by those types of offers. Glad I didn’t. But others might, so your article and warnings are terrific.

Have a good day!

Dear Angela,

Thank you for reminding writers NOT to write for ridiculously low fees (or even to pay for the privilege for writing for these creeps).

I hit a panic point when I was worried about my income dwindling a year or so ago. I took on some low-paying writing assignment, never got paid (one person actually closed her email address after I wrote 22 short articles for her and that was the only contact I had, shame on me).

When writers need money quickly and writing markets are drying up around them, look elsewhere for income to fill the gap. Find a job in retail – the pay is low but it is guaranteed. Create your own business – I developed writing classes and ebooks on writing to bring in income. Ask friends for help in finding jobs – I did this nearly a year ago looking for a stop-gap situation and have been a part-time nanny ever since (and I can write when the babies are asleep).

To writers everywhere, never, never, never think you are only worth pennies per hour! No reputable business would pay below minimum wage, ever.

Pam White


Hi Angela,

I’m in the process of closing the loop in the third freelance project I’ve found this year through your listings. In a vast sea of writers and folks looking to cash in on them, it’s hard to find good leads. Your listings seem to be consistently legit. There isn’t always good pay, but even when that’s not the case, the hiring editors seem to be honest, good folks. I don’t know what kind of screening you use or if you’ve just succeeded in having a critical reputation. Whatever you’re doing, it works. I wanted to say thanks, and keep up the good work.

Pam Mandel
Freelance Writer
Seattle WA and Aigen, Austria.
Five Years of Blogging the Snowglobe


Over the years, I’ve learned to spot the good listings and, probably more importantly, have developed an instinct for the bad ones. Sometimes I screw up, but I’d rather list only good, reputable listings than take a risk on having any of our readers get scammed.

Please see my article in this week’s issue, Red Flag Phrases to Avoid in Freelance Help Wanted Ads.