Selling Your Books on eBay

As for the eBay thing… Being a doll collector, I buy most of my stuff on eBay, and I’ve sold some there, too. And I also collect books (mainly older books, first editions, or special editions), so I know what you mean about it being better to list a book in the subject category! The books category is HUGE and most people don’t take the time to wade through it. Although I haven’t published any books yet, I do know enough about the eBay market to know that you’re giving darn good advice.

Anyway, great issue this week – thanks!

Katharine S. Leppert

Hi Angela,

Just wanted to let you know I read your eBay article in this week’s newsletter. You inspired me to get out an old e-book I published a few years ago, “dust it off,” revise it and get it up on eBay. I listed it yesterday, and sold my first one today! I expect there will be many more orders to come.

Thanks for the great article, and for everything else you and Richard do. You sure make life so much easier for us small writers and publishers!