More About Selling Your Books on eBay

I have also sold some books on eBay, but not as many as you did. I have an ebook on the topic of homeschooling. I listed it first under two categories – non-fiction and education / homeschooling, which is, unfortunately, in the “everything else” category on eBay where no one goes.

I sold more copies under the non-fiction category than in the homeschooling category, so when the auction ended I listed it again only in non-fiction. I sold maybe 10 or 15 copies as ebooks before sales slowed. I didn’t use the featured item, only a gallery photo. You’ve inspired me, though. It’s almost summer, and that means more people are looking at homeschooling as an option for the next school year. I need to get the book ready to sell again for those who may be interested.

Christina Routon