Letters To The Editor For February 1st

Baby Sign Language

How cool that you’re teaching your kids sign! I work in early intervention teaching babies sign language.

Karen Putz
Illinois Families for Hands & Voices
The Hands & Voices website is a site for parents raising deaf and hard of
hearing children, regardless of communication modality.

Hi Angela,

I love that you are signing with your little ones. Here is an article I wrote for Canyon News, an L.A. community paper (Sign, Baby, Sign!). The article is in two parts:



All the best wishes,
Jackie Hirtz

Thanks for Contract Advice

Dear Angela

This Ask the Expert response is valuable: https://www.writersweekly.com/ask_the_expert/003234_01252006.html

You might want to post it under some broad heading like Contracts so that we find it again.

It is very useful because of the alternate suggestion and warning.

Mary C. Legg

Pogo’s Place
fairytales, myths, fables and legends
Parsha for the Stranger

Autograph Scam


Thanks so much for the information on the autograph scam where people are asking writers and artists for autographed merchandise. I never would have thought of that as an identity theft tool and my husband and I are very diligent about our personal information. I’m now working up a signature to use just for future autographs.