Letters To The Editor For February 22nd

Cheeseball Bottom Feeders

Hi Angela,

Can you stand one more letter about the cheeseball bottom feeders?

I troll various job boards every day looking for leads to post on my blog. I found that many of these “employers” aren’t purchasing content to place on websites, and it’s not advertising revenue they’re after. Instead, they’re farming out their work! Some of these ads are from “writers” who accept higher paying assignments and turn around and pay other writers $1 – $3 to “ghostwrite” articles for them. These “writers” are putting their own names on articles and pocketing the profits!

Just thought you’d like to see another side to this story.

Deborah Ng

Convicted Felons Need Not Apply

Hi Angela,

Re: last week’s article

Of course, the flip side to this is when an established, big-name literary figure decides just because a convicted killer or rapist _can_ write well that they must be deserving of clemency. There have been a few tragic cases over the years where these criminals have been released from jail, feted by the literati and gone on to kill again, proving even psychopaths can have talent.

Pat Brown

Red Flag Phrases To Avoid In Freelance Help Wanted Ads

I thought of another red flag…Companies that only pay once you accrue a certain amount of income with them. For instance, I saw an ad for software reviewers where the company was offering anywhere from $1 to something like $100 for reviews, but they wouldn’t pay you until they owed you $200. Now, if you’re writing $50 or $100 reviews, that’s not so bad; but if they’re paying you $1 per review, the company could easily go under by the time you get to $200!!!

Katharine Leppert


This is an EXCELLENT point, Katharine! And, some companies tell writers they won’t be paid until they reach the threshold, even if they terminate the author’s contract or vice-versa!! I hope all writers know this type of clause would never stand up in court. If someone owes you money, yet says you never reached their threshold, please let me know about it!

Cash in on Newsletter Writing

Dear Angela:

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for offering the Cash in On Newsletter Writing and Publishing – How to Land Corporate Newsletter Clients class I just took with Victoria Groves.

Taking a WritersWeekly class was a Cristmas gift from my husband. I chose the newsletter class because I once had the opportunity to bid on the writing side of a large newsletter that never materialized. I was hoping I’d learn how I might in the future have a better chance at convincing a client that a newsletter was the way to go.

I have to say I am very pleased with the class and with Victoria’s knowledge and availability. Each lesson was interesting and came at the topic from a new angle. As well, no matter what question I asked, I received a prompt, personal and informative response that let me know Victoria was interested in my success.

I have to say, the encouragement and enlightenment I received was well worth the cost of the class. Because of Victoria’s class, my website is almost up and running, I have written a complete mock newsletter to show potential clients, and I have a definite plan for gaining my first client (and beyond).

Thank you again for offering this excellent class. I won’t hesitate to take another from Victoria Groves or WritersWeekly.com as they interest me.

Lisa Tiffin