Letters To The Editor For January 4th

Got One!!

Hi Angela,

I just wanted to tell you that because of a market you featured in Woman’s World Magazine, I submitted and SOLD an article to be published in their January 24 issue!

Thanks a million!


Bottom Feeders

Dear Star,

I just read your article about bottom feeders in WritersWeekly.com. I am full-time freelance writer and your outrage is exactly how I feel when a publisher arrogantly offers ridiculously low rates of pay. Actually, they are ludicrous and laughable rates of pay. I, too, send back angry, “Are you joking” e-mails to these tight-fisted morons.

I thoroughly enjoyed your article and hope that every writer who reads it has the courage to put these slavemasters not only in their place but out of business.

Best Regards,
Carol Driscoll