Letters To The Editor For April 19th

Why All Books Should Be Non-Returnable

Hi Angela,

I was going through some files and came across two of your articles from last year, Why All Books Should Be Non-Returnable — Part 1 & Part 2. When I first read these articles, I was already in the process of making some major changes in the structure of our company. Your articles gave me confidence — before I had proof — that what we were doing was right. Now I have the proof and I wanted to thank you for being one of the first to speak up.

We’ve made some major changes, non-returnable books not being the least of which, and they are all being met with favorable response.

Again, thank you.


Debbie Luican
Jodere Group

Publisher’s Note: Jodere Group features free electronic versions of their catalog online so readers can peruse the entire book while considering purchasing the print version. Check it out at their website.

When Writing Publications Hurt Writers


I’ve just finished reading your article, When Writing Publications Hurt Writers. It caused me to slap my forehead and jot down some notes.

In two weeks I’ll be holding my first workshop, ‘So you want to be a writer’. It’s more of an informal get together for a couple of hours. My students and I will be talking about writing as a form of expression, different forms of writing, how to start, how to get organized, etc. I’ve been sweating it these past few weeks, trying to remember all the basics I should be telling new/tentative writers. I thought I had most of the major points in order until I read your article. After admonishing myself for forgetting this all important lesson, I added one more major topic to my workshop:

Don’t get ripped off!

I’m now working on a section to cover this topic. I’ve been a WritersWeekly regular for several years. Your website has been leading the charge for the fair treatment of writers and I for one have learned much about standing up for myself and for my fellow writers.

Thanks for the reminder. It will make a great topic for my workshop.

Dave Preston