When Authors are Jerks

Dear Angela-

I just want to let you know that I really enjoyed your column regarding Jerks masquerading as Authors-in fact, I often enjoy your columns.

Victoria Grossack

Right (write) on Angela. Jerks waste time, money and energy and merely take advantage. I’ve been in business over 20 years, as an outsource to business and individuals, and we have learned to listen for the key words that announce “I am a jerk.” As soon as we hear them we say “no” to whatever they want. This practice has seen us through quite well. Once in a while we make a mistake and take on a jerk. As soon as he/she/company identifies their true self, we tell them we don’t want their work. I have never regretted it, nor found it hurt our business.

A very successful, long-term attorney, now retired said he didn’t think a business could operate that way, but after watching our company, he wishes he’d done that during his legal career.

Ethel Geary