Letters To The Editor For February 8th

Thanks For Help With Unprofessional Publisher

Hi Angela – I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me regarding the lack of communication issue from (a certain publisher). They finally called me after I threatened to register the complaint at the additional links you sent me. They had their reasons for the delay but said that the communication delay was unprofessional on their part and they sent payment in full by the next week.

Thanks again for your help. The power of the Internet is unbelievable. Better then a collections agency.


Writing Shorts

Dear Angela,

Please pass along my gratitude to John Borchardt for his article, Finding Profits in Shorts. A submission to one of the markets he recommended netted me a sale to a magazine I might never have considered.

Thanks for a great and useful newsletter. I would really miss not receiving it every week.

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