Letters To The Editor For November 23rd

Comment On “When Authors Die…”

Thank you, Angela, for your article, When Authors Die…What Happens To Their Books?! I hadn’t given it any thought at all, and I am certainly far enough down life’s road that it is an important issue. Granted, accidents can happen to anyone at any point in life’s trajectory, but “end-of-the-road-approaching” signs are beginning to pop up on my path, so it’s certainly time to start taking sensible steps. Your article has helped me to begin that process, and you have helped to define its possibilities as well.

Having said all that, I am still hoping to finish the second novel, Out of Order, within the next year, and I do not insist that the end-of-road signs start popping up faster than they have been thus far . . .

Regards to you, Richard and the family,

Kevin Murphy
Author: Degrees of Murder: https://www.booklocker.com/books/292.html
Something Bright and Alien: https://www.booklocker.com/books/85.html
Unfriendly Fire: based on the “1937 Memorial Day Massacre”
at Republic Steel Company, Chicago–available from author

Dick Learned Makes Us Smile Once Again!


I did it! I did it! I did it! (Mexican hat dance accompaniment would be nice at this point.) What I did was to finally practice what I’ve been preaching. At retirement age we reach a time I call the “Someday Season”. I’ve been telling seniors about it for years. We are old enough to actually do whatever it is that we’ve been saying we would do “Someday.” “Someday, I will write a book and it’s always “someday” if we don’t do it.

So I finally did it! I wrote a book. It’s fiction but it is not a novel because it is too short and so it is called a novella which would be a marvelous name for my just born granddaughter but they chose Marissa instead.

I made it short for two reasons:

1. I ran out of words. (no one will believe it.)

2. A novel is too heavy for Senior Citizens to read. That is the truth. Just trying to juggle a hymnal on Sunday morning is an exercise program. I want to read Clinton’s MY LIFE but I have to wait until it comes out in tissue back.

Anyway, I did it! Four months short of my 80th birthday but I did it. I wrote the two greatest words of tongue or pen “The End!”

Now I have to pay special attention to Writer’s Weekly to discover all the donextables.

SASAYA, Dick Learned
(on second thought make that Richard I. Learned)