Letters To The Editor For March 8th

Mean People

Hi there,

This is the first time I’ve ever written to a stranger. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your words regarding the mean people out there. It’s a very difficult thing for me to accept that dark of side of humanity. Your words have been quite a helpful reminder, the not taking it personally. My gosh, I think the ones who hide behind Christianity and Jesus are just the WORST!

So thanks, hoping you’re having a good day.


I Love My OLD Cell Phone


It’s so nice to hear from someone else who hates learning to use a new cell phone! There must be TONS of us out there, quietly using our phones with NO color graphics, NO Internet capability, NO camera. Digital, schmigital – I’d probably still have an analog phone if they’d let me. Thank you for admitting this about yourself to us all. It will make me smile the next time my daughter suggests that I “upgrade” my cell phone and I say “No, thank you” to her.

Jean Farmer

Don’t Sit on Your Hands – Query!

Hi Angela,

I have been an observer of your website for probably 2-3 years. Just watching, never doing! I read with interest about all the writers and your coaching to them and ideas for getting published, etc.–still sitting on the sidelines.

I had written several personal stories for only my eyes, family and close friends to see, but, the results were very encouraging as they thought I had a real knack for writing and seeing people through my heart and eyes.

Well, I’ve been unemployed since March 2004 and things have been super tough. The job market here stinks–3rd highest unemployment state in the nation I believe. So, out of necessity I sent in an article to my very small local newspaper and lo and behold, they published it–and PAID me!!!

Now, I will never get rich doing this, but, it does help buy my medicine. They have also told me they would buy anything I sent in, which is a real ego massage–LOL. The moral to the story is–you will never know until you cast what might come in with the fishing net, so just do it and submit your writing. It has been a blast for me and I want to thank you for the incredible knowledge and instruction that you share with writers along with your positive outlook toward submission to different publications. You provide an incredible website.

Today, I sent off my first query letters to two different publications–who knows? I’ll send off some more tomorrow–but, I now know that you must actually DO something, not just sit on your hands.

Again, I admire your website and the amount of time and energy you spend helping other writers. Keep up the good work.

Blythewood, S.C.