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Letters To The Editor For August 3rd

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  • No Social Security Number Until Contract Offered!
  • Amazon.com Best Seller? Ha!
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Using Headphones for Productivity

Dearest Angela, Headphones? I love it! Now maybe I can some work done around here! Sincerely, Sherry G (mother of 4, writer of not-enough) --- Angela, Enjoyed your bit about interruptions from the kids. Take it from me, it will never get better. I have a "kid" - age 42 - who lives downstairs. We both work at home, so learning not to interrupt has been an issue on both sides. I do a lot of transcription work; whenever I have my earphones on he stops dead in his tracks, but without them I am fair game. I must confess I tend to do the same to him, but I have learned to knock and, if he doesn't answer, I know he doesn't want to derail the train of thought. If I knock three times, he knows it's urgent. E.G. …


Richard and Angela, I have been fairly shouting from the rooftops to my writer-buddies that WritersWeekly.com is the best online market for authors who write about writing. I have never received such prompt feedback about my submissions, whether yea or nay...have never been paid as quickly (virtually nobody else pays on acceptance these days)...and you have always been so courteous and attentive to any concerns I've had. In short, you rock. Warm regards, Carol L. Skolnick Clear Life Solutions Author, Creative Marketing Consultant, Facilitator, The Work of Byron Katie http://hometown.aol.com/sput6 blog: http://www.soulsurgery.blogspot.com

Ads In Books

Angela, I noticed you did an article on ads in books. Ironically, I am currently holding an eBay auction for that very purpose. My auction made Adweek Magazine! You can read about it here: http://www.theopenpress.com/index.php?a=press&id=2328. The Adweek article is here: http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/adweek/20050620/ad_bpiaw/shoptalkonechapteratatime. You can see my auction here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5592706975. Just wanted to let you know that some authors are effectively doing this! Thanks for your great article! Michael T. Owens …

Letters To The Editor For June 15th

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  • One Of Many Letters About Kathryn's Inspiring Article!
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Saved from the Pay-Per-Click

Hi Angela, Thank you, thank you and (just one more) thank you. I read your article about pay-per-click websites as I started to subscribe to a couple of them. To be fair - I don't know yet how ethical they are but I've placed a piece of work with each, so patience will be a virtue in this case. I wasn't aware of their impracticality until I started to consider your points. I'll be subscribing to WritersWeekly.com shortly and hopefully find a reasonably rewarding site or two. I'm a university student at the moment, so a summer income would be welcome. Thanks again, Paul B. …

She’s Getting There!

Hi Angela, Thanks for printing my success story last week. I have also gotten two more articles published quite recently, one in American Libraries Magazine and the other in Reminisce Magazine!! This feels good - writing for a living. Well, I still have to work, too, but I feel like I am on my way. Thanks again. Regards, Carolyn Rhodes …

The Deadbeat Editor Letter Worked Again!

Angela, I used your letter! I had previously sent numerous e-mails to a publisher dragging his feet for payment that was promised in February. After I sent your letter, two hours later I had a sweet reply with a "sorry" on top! And a week later...behold, the check appeared. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Janene …


Hi Angela, I got my check in the mail today. I just had to let you know that it has to be the fastest that anyone has ever paid me for writing. Wow. You are on the ball, very impressive. Thanks! :-) Jacqueline Bodnar …

On Taking Bogus Tests

Hello Angela: I hope all is well with you and yours. I read most of the newsletter every time it comes and especially enjoyed the article on the guys who have people "take tests" and finish up with a completely edited work. The article was quite timely as it came just before a request hit a Listserv, of which I am a member, from an alleged doctoral student wanting a dissertation proofed and edited, in segments, the price being negotiable. From the copy in the advertisement it was pretty easy to see what the guy was up to. A student approached me about it and I, having just read the article in WritersWeekly.com, was brimming with advice and cautions of one sort or another. As it turns out, the student never could nail the guy down on price or volume, though his advertisement had stressed that time was of the essence. His having put that in the ad had the intended effect of getting the responder to feel the sense of urgency. When I pointed out to the student that it was the doctoral candidate who had a deadline breathing down on him, and not her, she relaxed just enough to begin negotiations which led her to believe that, like the writer of the article, she would be working free. Thanks. Neil …

Letters To The Editor For March 2nd

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Letters To The Editor For February 23rd

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  • Another Poetry.com Potential Victim Saved!
  • Writers Who Argue With Rejection
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Deadbeat Editor Giving You The Run-Around?

I would be remiss if I didn't write and thank you for your article on January 12 with the sample letter "encouraging" deadbeat editors to pay up. When the e-zine with that letter arrived, I sat down and composed an email to a publisher along the same lines as your letter, but adding to the list of those I was notifying was the local chamber of commerce since the magazine I wrote the article (advertorial) for is interested in having area businesses contract for their services. …