When You Misunderstand Your Husband, and Grab a Gun…

When You Misunderstand Your Husband, and Grab a Gun…

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I was in the bedroom working. Brian (ex-Army, ex-cop, and a firearms instructor) was out on the back porch. We had just finished eating lunch. All of the sudden, he ran in the back door and this is what I heard him say, “A lady is screaming bloody murder!”

I replied, “Do you think something is wrong?”

He was quickly walking towards the front door. He called over his shoulder, “I’m going to go find out!”

I slipped on my shoes, and grabbed my purse, which has a special compartment in it for my firearm. We both have carry and conceal licenses. I did not pull out my firearm, of course. However, I wanted it by my hip just in case.

I raced out the front door. Brian was entering the chicken coop. I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a good idea! It doesn’t look like he’s spying.’ I was straining my neck to see what might be happening in the yard next door (a rental) to make someone scream.

He then poked his head into the hen house. That was odd. It didn’t look like he was spying at all! I admired his undercover investigative talents!!

By the time I got to the chicken coop, he had his arm in the hen house, rummaging around.

I whispered loudly, “Did the lady stop screaming?”

He replied, “What lady?”

I whispered louder, “You said a lady was screaming bloody murder!”

He replied, “I said a CHICKEN was screaming bloody murder. And, now I know why!” He held his hand up. “Here’s her egg and it’s still super warm!”

I rolled my eyes, and lugged my purse back to the house.



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One Response to "When You Misunderstand Your Husband, and Grab a Gun…"

  1. Linda G  April 19, 2024 at 9:41 pm

    Angela you are fun! This is hilarious. Glad it was you though as someone else may have thundered out the door shooting.