Have You or Someone You Know Ever Owned a Pygmy Goat?

Have You or Someone You Know Ever Owned a Pygmy Goat?

We now have three neighbors with goats. One of our neighbors bought two baby pygmy goats from a small flea market in town. One is one week old. The other is three weeks old. Only after she got them did she learn from another neighbor that they must be bottle fed ever 2 hours, 24/7. Ack!

I told Brian we are NEVER getting goats. Sure, you can get some milk from them but I can’t imagine pygmy goats would provide much. They also aren’t ideal for butchering because they’re so tiny. Not much meat there. So, they appear to be very adorable pets that take a lot of money and time to care for.

We can barely keep up with our dogs, Tank and Moon, and our cat, Rocky, whose favorite pastime is biting our toes, and jumping on the dogs’ backs.

So, I’m curious. Have you or anyone you know had pygmy goats and were they as troublesome as I suspect they might be? Please share in the comments box below.



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