Were We Successful at Offending Any Neighbors With Our Yard Decorations This Year?

Were We Successful at Offending Any Neighbors With Our Yard Decorations This Year?

On Saturday, our son, Frank (the one who recently graduated from dental school), and his dog, Opal, are arriving. He gets to stay until Tuesday!! We don’t get to see him often so we are super excited about that. Also, for Christmas Eve, it will be me, Brian, Max and Mason, our two dogs, our cat, Max’s cat, Max’s friends, Cade and Donnie (they don’t have family in town so we have adopted them and they come over often), Ali, Justin, Jack (age 6), Kenzie (age 4), Charly (11 months), their dog, Coco, and my ex-husband, who you all remember, Richard. We got divorced a few years ago but we still get along great and it’s wonderful that the kids can still have both parents in the same house for the holidays. 🙂

Anyway, we are attending church early that morning (Christmas Eve) and then we are all gathering here to have cheese fondue, prime rib, along with Brian’s yummy acorn squash squares (from our garden), and then chocolate fondue. We’ll also be playing the Saran Wrap Game and we will be having a White Elephant Gift Exchange, which is always a hoot.

The boys got our funny snow people up in the yard. Here are pics. And, yes, that’s a blow dryer in the naughty one’s hands in the first photo.

I had other snow people years ago but the weather wasn’t kind to them. I started over a couple of years ago. I use felt, heavy duty thread, and batting (stuffing). I did NOT make the reindeer, of course. He came from a toy store. However, I did put red felt on his nose because Brian insisted that it HAD to be Rudolph. 😉

In  year’s past, we had a little snow boy who was “peeing in the yard.” His eyes were closed, as he was happily relieving himself. His mittened hands covered his private area (there were no private parts, of course), and the pee was a few strands of icicles from the Christmas tree. The father snowman back then was passed out on a lawn chair with X’s for eyes and his mouth open. He was holding an empty can of beer and there were other empty cans by his feet.

When we moved to Florida and put them out in the yard the first time, somebody came by after dark and took all the beer cans, we assumed for recycling. Oh, we also had a brother snowboy throwing a snowball at his sister.

In Maine, people would stop in front of our house to take pictures of our snow people. When we lived in Florida, the homeowner’s association showed up one day saying they’d had a complaint about the peeing snowboy. Some nasty old lady (who we called Karen) thought he was doing “something else” rather than peeing. What a nut-case.

And, we also have a giant stuffed turkey that I made that hangs in front around Thanksgiving. A vegan neighbor was very offended by that. Too bad. We kept it up!

Here in Georgia, everybody in our neighborhood LOVES our current snow people! I plan to make more of them before next Christmas. And, I am going to HAVE to resurrect the peeing snowboy. I just can’t help myself… 😉

All of us are wishing all of you, our wonderful readers, a safe, magical, and blessed Christmas Day.

Remember, HE is the reason for the season!!

Holiday hugs!

Angela, Brian, Ali, Justin, Todd, Charlyn, Adrian, and the rest of the gang. 🙂



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