9 Paying Food and Drink Markets for Writers – by Tatiana Claudy

9 Paying Food and Drink Markets for Writers – by Tatiana Claudy

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience,” said James Beard (an American chef). So, why not turn our interest, passion, and curiosity about food and drink into saleable stories? There are lots of venues to explore: cookbooks and restaurant reviews; food-related personal essays and memoirs; profiles of food producers, restaurateurs and chefs; recipe development and kitchen equipment reviewing; food history, sustainable production, social justice, and politics. And, don’t forget the exciting world of food-related travel writing!

How to start? Make Money as a Food Writer in Six Lessons by Pamela White helped me on my journey as a food writer.

Before you pitch your targeted market, answer these questions: How will this piece provide the readers with a specific reading experience they expect from this publication? Why would they care about my story? Why am I pitching this story now? HINT: Use editorial calendars to pitch the right story at the right time!

And now – let’s explore 9 global, national, and regional food and drink writing markets:

The focus of this national electronic publication is “reporting on, telling stories about, and critically examining the world of food and drink, with a particular focus on restaurants.” Editors are interested in pitches that “contain answers, not questions.” Payment is from $0.14/word to $0.58/word (according to whopayswriters.com). Read the writer’s guidelines to learn more.

This global digital platform is dedicated to providing “science-based insights about the origins of our food, the broader food system and the latest food and agricultural innovations.” Editors look for stories “relevant to a European consumer.” Payment is from €250 to €400. See details HERE .

This food community had been designed “to bring cooks together from all over to exchange recipes and to support each other in the kitchen.” Editors accept pitches for stories on how to cook, what to cook, reports on current food-related events, and recipes. Payment is from $0.10/word to $0.20/word (according to whopayswriters.com). Look for more details here.

New Mexico Magazine
This monthly publication covers experiences in New Mexico. Editors welcome queries for articles that “capture a place in such a way that readers are inspired to follow in the writer’s footsteps.” Food writers can pitch stories for the “Eat & Drink” department. Payment is between $0.35/word and $0.40/word on acceptance. Read the writer’s guidelines to learn more. Download the media kit with the 2024 editorial calendar here: https://www.newmexicomagazine.org/advertise.

Good Beer Hunting
This community is a “critical, creative, and curious voice in the world of beer.” Editors need pitches from writers who can tell “compelling, timely, definitive stories about beer, drinking cultures, and adjacent issues and lifestyles.” Payment is from $60 for a b-Roll piece (100-300 words) to $700 for features (up to 5,000 words). Read the Good Beer Hunting style guide here. Submit pitches via the Pitch Portal.

Atlanta Magazine
This monthly magazine “highlights the most dynamic aspects of the region.” Editors are interested in stories “that haven’t been told before.” Food writers can send pitches for the FOOD & DRINK section. Payment is about $1/word (according to whopayswriters.com). See details here .

Kentucky Monthly
This magazine – “celebration of the people, places, events and culture of the Commonwealth” – is published 10 times per year. The Food section covers “the unique flavors of Kentucky.” Payment is $0.15/word for features (1,000-2,500 words). Read the writer’s guidelines here . Download the media kit with the 2024 editorial calendar here: http://www.kentuckymonthly.com/magazine/advertise.

Down East
The content of this monthly magazine of Maine is focused on “traditions, flinty character, and unhurried way of life,” Editors are searching for “new ideas and perspectives.” Food writers can contribute to the FOOD & DRINK section that covers “Maine’s food, dining, nightlife, and liquid culture, plus food pathways like farming, fishing, aquaculture, and foraging.” Payment is between $.60/word and $.75/word. Find details here . Download the media kit with the 2024 editorial calendar here: https://downeast.com/advertise/.

Condé Nast Traveler
This luxury travel publication includes articles that “intersect with other fields: food, environment, art, history … and more.” Editors welcome pitches for stories that “have a strong backbone of reporting and reveal something new.” Payment starts at $300 (500-600 words). See details here . Download the media kit with the 2024 editorial calendar here: https://advertising.condenast.com/brands/conde-nast-traveler.

Are you ready to pitch these writing markets? Here is a “Recipe for Success” from one of America’s celebrity chefs, Emeril Lagasse, “Get up every day and try a little harder than the day before.”


Tatiana Claudy is a freelance writer from Indiana. Her bylines appeared at Writing-World.com, FundsforWriters.com, and WOW! Women on Writing. Her mystery stories have been published in Mystery Weekly Magazine. Her travel stories have been published on Travel THRU History, My Itchy Travel Feet, and Go Overseas sites.