Dining Out During a Pandemic and Protests

Dining Out During a Pandemic and Protests

While we are very careful about the pandemic, we also want to support local businesses. So, we have gone out to eat a few times. We’ve twice gone to the restaurant where Max works, which is right downtown. The food is outstanding! Unfortunately, there are still nightly protests in downtown St. Pete. They have recently begun entering restaurants with their drums. They’ve also started entering the new St. Petersburg Pier each day, which is in the marina. A few days ago, a fist fight ensued at that restaurant there. Of course, all of this is really hurting the businesses downtown.

Last weekend we wanted to avoid downtown altogether so, after the Summer 24-Hour Short Story Contest ended, we went to St. John’s Pass with the boys. We enjoyed eating out by the water, and then going to the beach for sunset. The weather participated and we had a blast! 🙂

We even found a snow cone stand!! The owner was THRILLED to have our business! 🙂


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