Articles About Common Author Marketing Pitfalls

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One VERY Easy Way to Know If You’re Talking to a Scammer

Angela, In just the last 6-months, I've received 3 contacts concerning my book. One was a phone call from a ...
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Yet Another “Publisher” is Telling Authors This Specific, Bald-faced Lie

I received a complaint from an author today about a company I am familiar with. Other authors have complained about ...
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“Why are so many books out of stock at Amazon now?”

Q - Angela, I noticed both of my books are now out of stock at Amazon. I don't understand. Did ...
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Can You Share Your Email List With Me?

You'd be surprised how many people ask me to share my email lists with them...for free. I won't even do ...
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Marketing to Libraries – A Waste of Time?

I’m often asked how new authors, both self- and traditionally-published, can get their book into libraries. Traditional publishers often don’t ...
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How I Got a Quarter of a Million Views on My TikTok Video – in Just 3 Days!

QUICK UPDATE: I started writing this article last week. My TikTok video is now up to 462,000 views. I haven't ...
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Can Anyone Really Tell the Difference Between Self-Published and Traditionally Published Books Now?

Angela, There is, on Facebook, a popular group that does reviews of articles, books, etc. (and their focus is on ...
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The Old Amazon Best Seller Scam is Still Happening! Don’t Be Sucked In!!

Best Seller: "A book or other product that sells in very large numbers." - Oxford Languages "A popular product and ...
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“Have you heard of this publishing company that called me? Are they any good?”

Q - Angela, I received a voicemail from a (name removed), group researcher in the (name removed) company's marketing group, ...
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7 Simple Mistakes That Will Stagnate Your Book Sales (And How to Avoid Them)‍ – by William Opar

If you've been selling books online for some time now, then you must have noticed that things are changing rapidly ...
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How To Write a Killer Newsletter To Help You Sell More Books – by Verity Partington

Social media has become an essential tool when it comes to marketing what we write. After all, just over half ...
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Should authors send free books to school superintendents for future bulk sales?

Hi Angela, I've just ordered 150 copies of (my book). My plan is to start sending out copies to school ...
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The Top 5 Best Selling Book Genres Every Author Should Know – by William Opar

Reading is an exciting pastime for adults and children alike. The book market continues to thrive, with book lovers buying ...
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4 Reasons to Hire a Publicist to Promote Your Book(s) by Jennifer Brown Banks

Millions of Americans undertake D.I.Y. projects each year in an effort to save money. And, they shouldn’t. I am one ...
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Sure-fire Ways to Succeed When Promoting Your Writing or Books on Instagram By Ruby Immaculate

Digital marketing is one of the less expensive marketing techniques to enhance business revenue. Successful brand equity relies on communication ...
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It Happened AGAIN! When Friends Lie to Authors About Buying Their Books…

An author contacted me this week saying a friend had purchased his book, and that the sale wasn't credited to ...
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5 Unique Ways to Maximize your Book Sales This Year – by William Opar

Today, book sales remain an essential goal for every author. But, with so many options available to sell your book ...
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Can Facebook Reject Your Ad for Any Reason? Or, No Reason??

At BookLocker, we were honored when former White House Usher Christopher B. Emery contacted us to publish his book, WHITE ...
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Authors, Don’t Be An Idiot Like Me! – by Christopher Emery

I have two great books published by Booklocker.  The first one, White House Usher: Stories from the Inside, came out ...
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When Your Computer Ruins Your Online Marketing Activities By Richard Hoy

Have you ever submitted text to be posted online, and later discovered odd characters in the place of punctuation? For ...
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