Bake’s Brigade: An End Times Tale – by John F. Finkbeiner

Bake’s Brigade: An End Times Tale – by John F. Finkbeiner

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About the Book

When Bake Sterling left his hometown for college, he began to leave reality and responsibility behind. His promising life of an athlete of note took on all the characteristics of a self-indulgent, no good hedonist. He was a drop-out, destined for a regular spot in a soup line, but the Lord had other ideas. He would become the most prominent hero in this tale of dystopian days, the time of chaos that followed America’s surrender to an alliance of her most powerful enemies, the Global Peacekeepers or GP for short.


BAKE’S BRIGADE intertwines themes of faith, sacrifice, and the transformative power of love. A captivating read that is full of twists and turns in this tale of Good vs. Evil.

A must read for those looking forward to the events leading to the soon return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
– Victor Meshach Mwai

Have you ever wondered what the world will be like when a world leader unites humanity under the guise of peace? Enemies of this peace will be considered intolerant and haters who must be eradicated.

While BAKE’S BRIGADE is a fictional account, it is likely an accurate portrayal of what life will be like before Jesus returns. The writer provides Scriptural references to describe a future when persecution unites God’s people and lifts them to heights of heroism and love much like the first disciples in the Book of Acts.
– Louis Jacobs Jr.

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About the Author

John Finkbeiner has been writing on Bible prophecy since the 2010 “The People of God.” BAKE’S BRIGADE: AN END TIMES TALE is his eighth work, and first prophecy-based novel. Finkbeiner chiefly resides in Kenya, East Africa, where he writes, produces a video podcast and promotes frontier missions.


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