The Administration of Joe Biden – Obama and Democrat Policies Implemented – by Gayle Strickland

The Administration of Joe Biden – Obama and Democrat Policies Implemented – by Gayle Strickland

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About the Book
This book is about what really happened during the Biden Administration. Joe Biden implemented progressive policies at home that resulted in high inflation, open borders and historic numbers of illegal immigrants, a weak economy and a dramatic expansion of government. Abroad, Biden’s policies of appeasement and weakness resulted in war in Ukraine and the Middle East, an upsurge in terrorism, and increased aggression from Iran, Russia and China.

This book shows the extent to which President Biden mimicked and adopted the policies of former President Barack Obama. It was no surprise that the Biden administration resembled the Obama administration as Biden brought in a number of people who played key roles in the Obama administration. Biden got similar but more destructive results as progressives held Biden hostage to their ideals and policies.

As Biden ran for a second term, Biden’s fitness for office as well as the results of his policies at home and abroad were critical to the decisions to be made by the American public in the 2024 Presidential election. This book gives the information required to make that choice.


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About the Author
Gayle Strickland spent over thirty years in business working with computer systems, first with IBM and then as an independent consultant. She graduated from Stanford University. She is the author of ‘The Obama Illusion’ and ‘The Obama Illusion Unravels.’