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5 Digital Products That You Can Create And Sell By Reginald Gates

You’re dragging along as a writer and you’re doing pretty well. You’re making a comfortable living from your skills – and working hard for every cent. But, wouldn’t it be nice to start earning some passive income? Wouldn’t it be great to create something with the skills that you already possess (writing) that will keep on generating income month after month?
Maybe you’re not at the point in your career where you’re able to just write up a full-length book. That’s okay because there are some low-or-no-cost digital products that you can make right now, and sell on Amazon, your blog, your website, or wherever else…

Use Magazine Vendor Websites To Find New Paying Markets For Writers! By Robert Kingett

Use Magazine Vendor Websites To Find New Paying Markets For Writers! By Robert Kingett

We have all been there. We have poured over websites for writers, submission directories like Writers Market, and WritersWeekly.com to find that next freelance opportunity. There are many magazines to write for, both online and off, especially now that the Internet has blossomed and bloomed, but the trouble comes in when writers try to find actual paying work…

How To Sell Your Zine At Festivals! By Christine Stoddard

The summer morning started with a frenzy of packing paper goods, dashing to the ATM for change, and unloading one suitcase and two plastic bins worth of wares. Now came the quiet. Fifteen minutes after arriving, we had only to await our customers, from the tattooed anarchists to the curious grandmothers. So we huddled behind […]

What To Do And Not Do To Make More Money When The Work Dries Up By David Geer

One of the most devastating times for writers is when things seem to be going along smoothly and then the work dries up. As I close in on 14-years of full-time freelancing, I find that now and then, work can suddenly dry up for me just as it does for any writer. Whether the work and specifically whether the high-paying kind of work that I enjoy returns and how soon depends on how I respond to these lulls…