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Freelance Writing, Blogging, Editing, and Photography Jobs for 09/03/20

NEED WRITERS, BLOGGERS, EDITORS, AUTHORS, OR OTHER CREATIVE FOLKS?? We’ll post your ad on WritersWeekly FOR FREE. Please complete THIS FORM. Freelance Part-time Blogger blind ad Freelance Writers – Pays $100 The Harlem Times Freelance Web Content Writer and Content Strategist blind ad Freelance Newsletter Writer Energy News Network Freelance Senior News Writer RT.com Freelance […]

Greenprints: The Weeder’s Digest

Greenprints: The Weeder’s Digest

100% freelance. “GreenPrints is the “Weeder’s Digest.” We share the personal side of gardening, not the how-to: the heart, the humor, the inspiration, the significance, the healing, the warmth—through true stories of people’s experiences.” Welcomes new writers. Circ. 10K. Quarterly. Pays on acceptance. Buys First NA Serial rights. Accepts reprints. Responds quarterly in Feb., May, Aug., and Nov.

Pays $75-$125.

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