How to Build A Business Around Your Book To Boost Sales! – by Gary Sturgis, Author of: Surviving Grief – 365 Days a Year

How to Build A Business Around Your Book To Boost Sales! – by Gary Sturgis, Author of: Surviving Grief – 365 Days a Year

Surviving: Finding Your Way from Grief to Healing by Gary SturgisAfter suffering a significant loss in my life, I decided to write my book, SURVIVING – Finding Your Way from Grief to Healing to help others with a similar experience. Grief books tend to sell to the extent that they say something people need to hear. People read them to be validated.

The people who read my book are those who can’t find answers in platitudes, easy solutions, or in any of the current theories about grief. What I went through, and what I learned, helps them validate their own feelings.

It’s important when you’re writing a book to think about your audience. Are you writing about something you know a lot about? Is the book offering the reader a unique experience or something they can use in their own life? Is what you’re offering them in your book something you can also offer them in another way?

As sales began to increase, I created a website, Instagram and Twitter account, along with a Facebook page called SURVIVING GRIEF. On these social media platforms, I offered some of the information in my book, and enticed people to buy the book to receive more information on the topic of grief and loss. This greatly increased sales, and also caused a ‘word-of-mouth’ ripple effect as people began to share my book with others who they felt needed it.

GRIEF: Hope in the Aftermath by Gary SturgisAfter publishing two more books on the subject of grief, I trained to be a Grief Specialist and I now do online Grief Coaching for clients who are struggling with the loss of a loved one. This new career that was born from the writing of my book has now become a beneficial financial endeavor that not only allows me to do something I feel passionate about, but also greatly increases the sales of my books.

If your book is on a topic you’ve studied, and have done copious amounts of research on, it can also be a gateway into starting a side business. The business can generate income, and also increase book sales.

You can include your new business’ information in your book(s), and also promote it through your publisher and online bookstores. Your book can become your ‘calling card’ for the business you create so you’re not just marketing your book, you’re also marketing your business.

You can also include your book as part of your business. Each client that registers for my online Grief Coaching Program also receives a copy of my book. The price of the book is included in the coat of the program. Not only am I selling more books, but it also allows me the option to buy my books at a discounted rate from my publisher,, and then sell them for any amount I choose as part of the purchased program cost.

SURVIVING GRIEF: 365 Days a Year by Gary SturgisBy creating a business on the topic of your book, readers begin to acknowledge you as an ‘expert’ on the topic, which not only increases sales, but also provides a solid client base of readers for your new business and your future books.

Your book can be the start of working in a business you were interested enough in to write about. It may be one that affects others, either with the universality of your experiences, the beauty of your prose, the triumph of your human spirit, or the gift of your knowledge.

By building a business around your book, you can effectively reach and connect with people who are seeking the support, interest, and resources related to the topic you feel passionate about, and also increase sales!


Gary Sturgis


Gary Sturgis survived the greatest loss of his life and now works as a Grief Specialist, Bereavement Facilitator and Speaker, guiding and supporting others in their struggle with grief. He finds it an honor to help those that are grieving a loss navigate their way through the maze of grief in a very personal and meaningful way. He lives by the ocean in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Contact Gary directly RIGHT HERE.


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