To Georgia and Back…in Only Four Days!

To Georgia and Back…in Only Four Days!

Since you heard from us last week, we’ve already been to Georgia and back. We drove straight through both times. Ten hours on the road there…and ten hours back. Ug!!!

The inspection on the home we’re interested in went very well and we’re now waiting for the appraisal. Our daughter and her family already bought a house there, but haven’t yet moved completely in. We stayed at their new house, where there were already beds, living room furniture, dishes, and lots and lots of boxes.

While we were there, we bought them a housewarming gift at an antique store. I can’t tell you what it is yet (because she will read this) but, let me tell you, it’s real cutting edge! Heh…. They will see it when the move permanently next week. We are helping them load up the final UHaul this weekend.

It was extremely cold while we were there (compared to Florida). But, we’d taken our warm coats and fuzzy socks, and were able to walk through the neighborhood, which is extremely quiet – far more so than where they currently live, in Bradenton, Florida. We heard no traffic noise, no sirens…no nothing! Well, there was a flock of geese flying overhead that made quite a racket. At dusk, the frogs in a nearby pond started up a grand chorus. Heaven!! A dog barked at us but he then approached, and was very friendly.

This is the view from their kitchen window:

Our grandbabies are going to have a wonderful time romping through the yard there!! 🙂

For our potential new house, we’re in a holding pattern until after the appraisal but we don’t anticipate any problems. If we buy that house, we’ll be moving in May. I DETEST moving but I sure won’t mind leaving a place where there’s tons of traffic, noise, sirens, and, as of a few months ago, gunshots. I never in my life thought I’d live in a place where we’d hear gunshots at night. Yet, here we are! We did hear some gunshots near the house we’re looking at in Georgia but they were hunters, not criminals.


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