We’re Moving to St. Pete! – Part I

We’re Moving to St. Pete! – Part I

I haven’t yet written about this because we didn’t know when it was going to happen but…now, it’s happening!

A few weeks ago, after some hemming and hawing, we decided to move from Bradenton to St. Petersburg, Florida. If you’ve been reading us for the past few years, I know what you’re thinking. I originally said, when we moved here, that we were never, ever, ever going to move again. Well, since I used the words never and ever, it was inevitable. We will still be very close to all of our adult kiddos. Ali and Justin just bought a house 1.4 miles from here and Zach and Mary are moving soon, but also staying local.

Bradenton is nice, and we love this neighborhood, but there aren’t a lot of children. Since we homeschool, we must look outside of the neighborhood for social opportunities for the boys. We also already have friends who live in St. Pete and we’re very familiar with the area.

We learned a few months ago that a very large local farm recently sold out to a developer. They’ll be adding a new community literally right around the corner from here that is expected to add 10,000 new cars to the Bradenton roads, which are already submerged in traffic, especially when the snowbirds are here. Going to the grocery store in February is quite painful, and getting worse with each passing year. All those new homes will also drive local property values down.

Traffic is bad most places by the coast but, in St. Pete, if we live smack in the middle of downtown (there are many high-rises overlooking the water), we can walk almost everywhere – to the water, the marina, countless restaurants, museums, the farmer’s market, and even to the grocery store. We are looking at three high-rises this weekend. Richard is excited about no more pool and yard maintenance!

I’m excited about the security in the places we’re looking at. Last week, for the first time, we were the victims of theft. Somebody broke into all of our cars in the driveway and stole our GPS and some other items. They caught the guy. He’d broken into several cars in the neighborhood. He stole our neighbor’s wallet, and used one of his credit cards at a local marina. The police viewed surveillance footage. He was a well-known local thief. Twenty-one years old. Long rap sheet. Vagrant. They arrested him at a local hotel and they found all of our stuff. Our house was already for sale when that happened. If it hadn’t been, it definitely would be now.

We put the house up for sale about five weeks ago and, last weekend, we got a contract. We are supposed to close on June 10th and we’re planning to move by June 1st. We were already packing up our stuff and getting rid of lots of material things we just shouldn’t have bought in the first place (goodbye thigh-master). But, now we’re in frantic “oh-my-goodness…we-have-to-get-all-this-stuff-packed-in-just-three-weeks!” mode. Add that to our steady work load and things are pretty crazy here.

Needless to say, the next three issues of WritersWeekly might be a bit abbreviated. We hope you’ll understand.

There’s another big reason we’re moving but I’ll wait until next week to tell you that. I’ve already filled your computer screen enough for today. 😉


“Can I go to acting school? Pretty please? Oh, and is there any such thing as a clothing optional waterpark?”


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