It’s Pretty Obvious That the Hurricane Gods are FOLLOWING US

It’s Pretty Obvious That the Hurricane Gods are FOLLOWING US

We’ve lived in the far northwest corner of Georgia all of six weeks and we’ve already had two tropical storms pass over us. To be fair, they weren’t classified as “tropical storms” when they got this far inland. And, we got some nice rain and wind out of them.

The one that made landfall in South Carolina passed by so quickly that we missed it while we slept! Now there’s another one barreling toward the Gulf of Mexico. It’s expected to turn north so we’ll probably get a visit from him (her?), too. Should I set out the good china?

We had a nest of baby birds on the front porch that fared the weather very well. Just yesterday, the babies left the nest and we enjoyed watching them fly around the yard with their parents. So sweet!! We’ll miss them when the migrate.

We also put some bird feeders out back so we can watch, and try to identify what species live here with us. And, we put up a hummingbird feeder. One that comes is very large for a hummingbird. We haven’t been able to identify any of those. They are so fast!!

In other news, Mason joined the production team at our new church (he ran the camera on Sunday) and I joined the choir. My first practice was last night and I have so much fun!!

My ribs are still healing. I’m very much looking forward to feeling like my old (I mean young) self soon. Thank you all so much for all the well wishes!!


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One Response to "It’s Pretty Obvious That the Hurricane Gods are FOLLOWING US"

  1. Chris Hanly  July 2, 2021 at 5:14 pm

    I have felt with blizzards Ice storms lightning storms tornadoes earthquakes tropical storms and hurricanes…SOOO!!! IF THEY ARE FOLLOWING YOU…well need I say more? Lol be safe happy 4th