Blew Out My Ribs Coughing…

Blew Out My Ribs Coughing…

I woke up one morning last week with awful pain between two of my ribs on my front, left side. I was still coughing from our bout with Covid, or the flu, or whatever it was. I decided to just take it easy to see if it got better. It didn’t. I was pain-free sitting ramrod straight or standing, or lying on my left side (the side where the injury is, which was weird). But, I could NOT lie on my back or right side, and moving was torture. And, it got sooooo much worse each time I coughed, and the pain was wrapping around to my back. I kept taking cough medicine and cough drops, and drinking hot tea, but it just kept getting worse, and worse, and worse.

I finally waved the white flag and Brian took me to urgent care first thing on Wednesday morning. Six x-rays. No broken ribs. I tore the muscles between two of them. My lungs are clear. No pneumonia. Just a nagging, unproductive cough. They gave me a prescription for muscle relaxers, told me to take Robitussin DM, and said to use Lidocaine patches where the pain can be felt through the skin.

Guess what? NONE of those worked. Had the cough medicine worked for me, I’d probably be in better shape but, each time I cough, it feels like my ribs are being torn apart all over again. The muscles can’t heal as long as I’m coughing. So, I’m back to just taking Advil, 1/3rd dose of Nyquil (that works much better and I don’t get sleepy), and sitting on my butt in bed (working on my computer).

Another thing the doctor said was to buy local honey to put in my tea in the evenings when the night air makes the coughing worse. Our neighbor, Regina, knows everybody and everything so I texted her. Sure enough, her friend, Bonnie the Beekeeper (I can’t make this stuff up) was available right then. She texted me the address. Half an hour later, we had a quarter of local honey for only $20 and it’s delicious!!! The timing was great! Bonnie sells out of her honey quickly each year.

So, here I sit, terrified of each cough that tickles my throat, and BORED OUT OF MY MIND.


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