I Say: “This Town is Sooooo Small!!!” You Say: “How Small is It?” (Part 1)

I Say: “This Town is Sooooo Small!!!” You Say: “How Small is It?” (Part 1)

We recently switched churches. We had not yet told the pastor we were leaving and I was supposed to meet with another former parishioner in town for lunch. She’s a friend of mine who left the church a few months ago. I knew that, if anyone saw us together, tongues would be wagging all over town.

We met at a local restaurant and we were sitting there literally two minutes when the former pastor of the church (who now is a pastor at another nearby church) walked up to our table to say hello. We chatted with him for a few minutes, trying to look innocent, but the gig was definitely up! Then, Brian texted me that he’d just run into the current pastor at a camp he was volunteering at. What were the chances??

My friend has a new AirBNB in town and she needed my help moving a table from her house to the AirBNB (they are next door to each other). And, I have a Jeep truck so, of course, I agreed. It was a VERY heavy table but we managed to get it in the truck bed. One woman in her 50s. One woman in her 70s. It was not easy!

I drove next-door to her AirBNB with her behind me but I noticed that she had pulled into the Lineman’s School across the street, and had stopped a truck that was pulling out of the parking lot. She asked two young men to drive across the street to her AirBNB, and bring that table out of my Jeep and into her kitchen. And, they did it! AWESOME!! One guy was from Wisconsin and one was from Illinois. She is hoping the parents of kids at the Lineman’s school will want to rent her AirBNB when they are visiting.

It was getting late so I bid her farewell, and drove to the grocery store. I went through Bonnie’s line. She’s my favorite cashier because she is always so friendly, and connects on a personal level with everybody. Perhaps too personal at times…

When I pushed my cart toward her register, she crossed her arms, and said, “Where have YOU been?”

I replied, “Errr… My husband does most of the grocery shopping.” (True!!)

She said, “People been tellin’ me that you guys have been shopping at Food City!”

Feeling guilty, even though I hadn’t done anything wrong, I looked left and right, and stuttered, “Um, no?”

She pointed her finger, and said, “I SAW you at Food City!”

I said, “Uh, errr, uhhhh, no you didn’t.”

She put her hands on her hips, and said, “Yes I did.”

Something tickled me memory. I knew I had never been to Food City. And, that’s when the lightbulb turned on above my head. I said, “Bonnie, I saw you at Walmart about a month ago, in the women’s department. I wasn’t buying any groceries. I SWEAR!”

She looked hard a me for a moment and her lightbulb clearly lit up, too. She laughed and said, “You’re right! Great to see you again today, Angie! How’s Mason doing?”

I LOVE living in a small town where everybody knows everybody else!! I have, my entire life, wanted to live in a town like this and now I do. It’s like we’ve stepped back in time a few decades. Ever single trip to town is guaranteed to bring some entertainment!

Next week, I’ll tell you what happened at the doctor’s office yesterday. Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention the grocery store trip when I tried to hide from Mark, another person from church…and why.


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