7 Pet Magazines and Websites That Pay Freelance Writers – by William Opar

7 Pet Magazines and Websites That Pay Freelance Writers – by William Opar

For pet enthusiasts and seasoned writers alike, the pet magazine industry offers a paw-some array of possibilities. But, writing winning pitches for pet magazines is not a walk in the park. It requires creativity, knowledge of the publication (don’t go barking up the wrong tree!), and being able to sniff out exactly what editors are looking for.

Here are some expert tips to help you craft pitches that stand out, and increase your chances of getting your articles accepted:

Research the Magazine

Before pitching, thoroughly research the pet magazine you are targeting. Familiarize yourself with the tone, style, and content they typically publish. Understand their target audience and the types of articles they feature.

Create a Compelling Headline

Craft a headline that immediately grabs the editor’s attention. Make it clear, intriguing, and relevant to the magazine’s theme. A compelling headline sets the tone for your pitch, and makes editors eager to learn more.

Provide a Brief Outline

Include a concise outline of your proposed article. Break down the main points and subtopics you plan to cover. This helps editors visualize the structure of your piece, and ensures that your ideas align with the magazine’s content goals.

Showcase Your Writing Style

Incorporate a brief writing sample, or provide a link to a relevant published work, to showcase your writing style. This gives editors a sense of your voice, and confirms that you can deliver content consistent with their publication.

Pitch Timely and Trending Topics

Keep an eye on current trends, news, and seasonal pet-related themes. Pitching timely topics increases the likelihood that your pitch will resonate with the magazine’s editorial calendar, and demonstrate your awareness of industry trends.

Be Concise and Clear

Editors receive numerous pitches so it’s crucial to communicate clearly and concisely. Clearly state your idea, its relevance, and why it’s a good fit for their audience. Avoid unnecessary details that could dilute the impact of your pitch.

Follow Submission Guidelines

Respect the magazine’s submission guidelines, and adhere to their specific requirements. Failure to follow guidelines may result in your pitch being disregarded.

Show Flexibility

Be open to feedback, and show flexibility in adjusting your article idea based on the editor’s suggestions. Collaboration is key and your willingness to work together can enhance your relationship with the magazine.

Let’s now dive into the 7 Pet Magazines & Websites that Pay Freelance Writers.

  1. AKC Family Dog

AKC Family Dog is a magazine that educates the public about responsible dog ownership. They offer top stories, features, and how-to articles relating to dog behavior, nutrition, natural treatments, and health care. They are looking for articles about everything related to dogs. Ready to write for AKC Family Dog? Contact their managing editor, Mara B., for more information on how to craft and send your pitch.

They pay $300 – $500 for a 1000 – 3000 word article.

  1. Dogs Naturally Magazine

Dogs Naturally Magazine focuses on making the world safer for dogs to live free from chemicals, drugs, processed foods, and unnecessary vaccines. They are looking for dog expert writers to craft informational articles about homeopathy, holistic dog care, and on canine health and nutrition topics. Read their submission guidelines and, when you are ready, fill out their pitch submission form.

They pay $50 – $200 per article.

  1. The Chronicle of the Horse Magazine

If you’re knowledgeable about horse sports and general horse care, The Chronicle of the Horse is your home to showcase your writing expertise. They rely on freelance writers to deliver engaging articles on horse sports news, dressage and event topics. Read their writer’s guidelines for more information on the stories they’re looking for.

They pay $150 – $400 per feature article of 1500 – 2500 words.

  1. Reptiles Magazine

Reptiles is a bi-monthly magazine designed to educate reptile and amphibians hobbyists at all levels. They accept fresh feature articles on pet reptile husbandry, breeding in captivity, conservation, and health. Read their submission guidelines.

They pay $300 for a 2000 – 2500 word article.

  1. Catster Magazine

Catster Magazine accepts articles for their opinion, editorial, and essay columns on everything cat-related. Your article angle should range from cat health and behavior to entertaining anecdotes. To get started with Catster Magazine, send your query, background information, and link to writing samples via their online contact form.

They pay $50 – $75 for news and opinion articles.

  1. Animal Wellness Magazine

Animal Wellness Magazine focuses on holistic health and wellness for pets. They seek articles on alternative therapies, nutrition, exercise, and the emotional well-being of pets. Read their submission guidelines for more information.

Payment varies but can be up to $300 per article.

  1. Bark Magazine

Bark Magazine is a leading publication celebrating the bond between humans and dogs. They seek articles on various topics, including health, behavior, and lifestyle. To submit a pitch to them, query the managing editor, or fill out their contact form.

They pay $0.25-$0.50 per word for features.


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