Paying Lifestyle Markets for Writers By William Opar

Paying Lifestyle Markets for Writers By William Opar

Are you a passionate writer who loves writing articles in the lifestyle niche, but are struggling to find writing gigs? Breathe a sigh of relief. We’ve got you covered.

There are numerous lifestyle magazines and websites out there that are actively seeking talented writers like you to contribute to their publications. From fitness and health, to food and travel, these platforms cover a wide range of topics that appeal to readers from all walks of life. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at nine lifestyle magazines and websites looking for fresh and compelling content.

Lifestyle Freelance Writing Markets that Pay Writers

Bon Appétit Magazine

Bon Appétit is a popular lifestyle magazine focusing on food, cooking, and culture. It covers everything from recipes and cooking techniques to food trends and restaurant reviews.

Read their submission guidelines carefully to understand how to pitch a story for each magazine section. The sections range from cooking. to shopping. to culture and restaurants, and with specific editors.

They pay $250 for stories around 400 words but this may increase with word count, experience, complexity, and the amount of reporting required for a piece.

Eating Well

Eating Well is a food and cooking magazine focused on healthy eating and nutrition. Before you send a pitch to Eating Well, visit their website to get a taste of the kind of stories they publish, and what they look for. Read their submission guidelines to the letter to avoid rejection. You can also use the Eating Well Feedback page to send your pitch.

They pay $1 per word.

Men’s Health

Men’s Health is a popular men’s fitness and lifestyle magazine that covers a wide range of topics, from fitness and nutrition, to style and grooming. Read their submission guidelines carefully to ensure you pitch the right story to the right editor

They pay $200 to $400 per article.


Autostraddle is an LGBTQIA lifestyle website. They cover stories ranging from love, food and drink, house and garden, and more on their website.

Before pitching them, visit their website, and read each section to get a taste of the stories they publish and their writing style. They don’t accept pitches or submissions via email.

If you’re interested in writing for Autostraddle, use their submission form to send a pitch, or a completed submission.

They pay $80-$200 per article.


Chatelaine is a Canadian magazine and website focusing on health, fashion, news, food, and beauty. They thoroughly check all completed articles so be sure to provide sources for all cited facts, along with contact information for all interviews. Visit their website to get a feel for their style, tone, and content.

When sending a pitch, specify whether it’s for the magazine or the website. Read their submission guidelines to understand their current needs before pitching them.

They pay $1 per word.

Power for Living Magazine

Power for Living is a weekly publication focusing on Christian growth. They publish stories that offer encouragement, insight,s or new perspective, on how a daily personal relationship with God impacts every aspect of life. The stories they publish must concur with biblical perspectives and worldview.

They accept pitches for pieces related to relationships, health, parenting, personal growth, and overcoming fears or challenges.

They have varied calls for pitches, including feature articles, poetry, or devotional pieces.

Download and read their submission guidelines before crafting a pitch.

They pay $375 for a feature article of 1200-1500 words, $50 for poetry of 20 lines or less and $100 for a devotional piece of 400 words.

Cottage Life magazine

Cottage Life is a Canadian lifestyle magazine focusing on water-based cottages. They run columns and features on boating, real estate, cottage design and architecture, and personal cottage experience.

Read their submission guidelines for more information on what they are looking for and how to send your pitch.

They pay $1800 – $4000 for features.

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