7 Agricultural & Farming Publications that Pay Freelance Writers – by William Opar

7 Agricultural & Farming Publications that Pay Freelance Writers – by William Opar

In the vast landscape of freelance writing, niche markets often present untapped opportunities for skilled wordsmiths to showcase their expertise, and earn a living doing what they love.

For those passionate about agriculture, agribusiness, and rural life, the world of agricultural publications provides a fertile ground for cultivating meaningful content. And, writers will realize the fruits of their labors!

As the demand for insightful and engaging agricultural narratives grows, freelance writers can harness their skills to contribute to a diverse array of publications dedicated to this ever-evolving industry. This comprehensive guide will delve into 7 agricultural publications that actively seek freelance contributions.

Venturing into profitable agricultural freelance writing requires a combination of writing skills, industry knowledge, and effective marketing strategies.

Here are 11 tips to help you succeed:

Develop Agricultural Knowledge: Stay informed about current trends, technologies, and issues in the agricultural industry. Understand farming practices, crop management, livestock, and relevant policies.

Build a Portfolio: Create a portfolio showcasing your expertise in agricultural writing. Include samples of your work demonstrating your ability to communicate complex agricultural topics in an accessible manner.

Identify Niche Specializations: Explore specific agricultural niches, such as sustainable farming, precision agriculture, organic farming, or agribusiness. Specializing can help you stand out and attract a targeted audience.

Deliver High-Quality Content: Consistently produce well-researched and high-quality content. Your reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable agricultural writer will contribute to client satisfaction and repeat business.

That said, let’s now dive into the 7 Agricultural & Farming Publications that Pay Freelance Writers.

  1. Bee Culture Magazine

Bee Culture is a magazine that focuses on beekeeping. They accept pitches for articles around how-to-do everything beekeeping, including equipment, pollination, honey plants, and all the creatures that bees affect and interact with.

Read their submission guidelines.

They pay $150 – $200 for 1500 – 2000 word articles.

  1. The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardeners

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners publication focuses on organic agriculture and sustainable living practices.

They accept pitches for features and how-to articles on agricultural marketing, environmental issues, agricultural resources, social justice related to food and farming, businesses related to agriculture, food or natural resources, and many more.

Submission guidelines: https://www.mofga.org/writers-guidelines/

They pay $300 for 1200 words article.

  1. Central Coast Farm & Ranch

Central Coast Farm & Ranch is a publication run by the Farm Bureau of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

It focuses on empowering Central Coast agricultural community members through publishing stories and photographs that appeal to local food supporters.

They accept feature articles devoted to local history, edible gardening and agri-tourism destinations.

Submission guidelines: https://www.farmbureauvc.com/new/assets/pdf-forms/CCF&R-contributor-guide.pdf

They pay $350 per article.

  1. Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer is a publication focusing on raising awareness and catalyzing action at the intersection of food, agriculture, and society.

They depend on freelance writers to deliver articles that educate, inform, and drive positive change with an interest in more resilient and equitable food systems.

For your story to get published on Modern Farmer, your story angle should explore agriculture and food production against the backdrop of climate and sustainability, social inequality, and food security.

Submission guidelines: https://modernfarmer.com/submissions/

They pay $350 Per article

  1. Acres U.S.A

This progressive agriculture magazine seeks investigative articles on sustainable farming practices, policy analysis, and alternative food systems. This publication accepts articles written by passionate people with a sincere interest in sustainable and organic agriculture principles.

Submission guideline: https://www.acresusa.com/submitting-an-article/

Sources indicate that they pay $500 per article.

  1. The American Gardener

The American Gardener is a publication run by the American Horticultural Society. They are looking for articles that show amateur gardeners how to construct simple garden features like ponds or paths, or to illustrate useful gardening techniques like grafting, pollarding, or propagation.

Submission guideline: https://ahsgardening.org/gardening-resources/gardening-publications/the-american-gardener/writers-guidelines/

They pay $300 – $600 per article. 

  1. Hobby Farms

Hobby Farms is a publication for homesteaders and farmers who raise livestock. They accept pitches for their Farm Story Section, which includes first-person stories.

Submission guidelines: https://www.hobbyfarms.com/contact-us/

They pay $300 per article.

In Summary

Navigating the world of agricultural writing offers a unique opportunity to share the industry’s stories, challenges, and innovations.

As you explore these publications, remember to tailor your pitches or submissions to each magazine’s specific interests and guidelines.

With persistence, creativity, and a deep understanding of agricultural practices, you can cultivate a fruitful relationship with these publications while earning compensation for your valuable contributions. Happy writing!


William Opar is an expert Content Writer and Blogger who helps brands to grow their businesses and earn real money. He’s a freelance contributor to The Penny VoiceWritersWeeklyFreelancerKenyaMedium.com, and a savvy writer on Upwork. Feel free to contact him for high-quality freelance writing services. Get in touch via LinkedIn.