COMMENTS ON: The Ebook Trend is Definitely WANING! NOW WHAT?!

COMMENTS ON: The Ebook Trend is Definitely WANING! NOW WHAT?!

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Michael W. Perry wrote:

Great article. I’d add an analogy that helps me understand print versus digital.

* Print done right is an experience, much like dining in a fine restaurant. When people defend print books, they’re often talking about the experience as much as the actual content. It’s from people who enjoy dining.

* Digital is like fast-food. The experience matters less that the immediate results, filling the tummy. It’s for people who consume books.

You remember that evening at the fine restaurant. You don’t remember that rushed visit to MacDonalds. Fine restaurants, like some print books, pride themselves on looking both different and beautiful. The downside of digital books, for me, has always been that they’re like MacDonalds. Every one looks the same.

The sales reflect that. People who want a book to read or consult again and again, are drawn to print. Those who consume and discard books in quantity find digital is good enough for them, especially if it is cheaper.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that many print books aren’t like fast food or that digital books can’t provide a marvelous reading experience. The distinction lies in the general pattern, not any individual instance.

– Michael W. Perry, co-author of Lily’s Ride (YA fiction)

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David Scott wrote:

I wonder if the rising cost of eBooks doesn’t skew this a bit. I recall when they came out E-books were about 10-15% of the cost of a print book. Now, I see eBooks just a couple of bucks cheaper. Sorry, for two bucks I am getting a print copy. Just a thought.

Robyn D wrote:

Love both. My Kindle wins right now, because it makes it easier to travel light. I work from wherever I am and carry quite a bit of reference material on the Kindle, as well as books for enjoyment. About 200 books altogether. That’s a lot to tote. I can also use the Kindle to jot down notes and store pictures. And watch movies. My phone does not have enough storage for all this, nor enough battery capacity, despite being a newer model. The screen is also too small, even at 5?, to read comfortably. But it is great for taking pictures and social media. Oh, and phone calls.

When I go into a library or bookstore, I can never resist the urge to walk out with at least a half dozen books. What can I say? Must have reading material.

Judy Barnes wrote:

8335cvrI love the feel of a ‘real’ book and think ebooks are great for travelling or a wet day in a tent, while camping. However, we must also consider the trees lost to create the paper. How about ‘cloned’ paper? That’s what we need. Nothing replaces the tactile experience of a printed book. The ënew’ smell is also something for which I’m a sucker. They become like old friends you can always revisit at any time.

Judy Barnes, author of DEEP TALK: Death Does Not Exist (non-fiction)

Wendy Lou Jones wrote:

Ebook readership really depends upon what type of books and audiences you are speaking of.

From personal experience, our special E-cookbook (Food Demineralization for Kidney Failure), which required a lot of technical man hours to set up (text – photo unmoveable connections) and cost, has few buyers and really wasn’t worth it. On the other hand, that same book has sold thousands of copies for us as a paperback, and we are now into the third edition.

It seems to me that the types of books prone to Ebook acceptance are those that can be read in two hours or less, deal with pulse pound themes (sex), or fall into other simple storyline categories (children’s themes or simple romance).

Air travelers have more E-readers nowadays than four years ago…

Wendy had a LOT more to say! Read the rest HERE.

Katrun27 wrote:

My library allows me to download e-books for free, which is wonderful! I never go to the library; I just select books from the convenience of my home. I can keep them for several weeks and if I’m not finished, usually I can renew it easily. I’ll take free books anytime I want in exchange for not keeping the books forever!


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