Three Times More People Prefer Print Books to Ebooks

Three Times More People Prefer Print Books to Ebooks

Just two weeks ago, we published this article: Around 75% of Americans DON’T Own Ebook Readers – Are you ignoring 75% of the book buying market?!

Coincidentally, Publisher’s Weekly released their new annual survey results this week.

As expected, the number of print book readers dipped slightly (only 3%) while the number of ebook readers rose 16%. This is good news on both fronts. Most people are still reading print books (triple the number of those reading ebooks) and those reading ebooks can buy more books because ebooks are less expensive.

Only 5% of library patrons reported borrowing ebooks. That means 95% of them borrowed print books.

Much to Amazon’s chagrin, print books aren’t disappearing anytime soon. In my opinion, they will never completely disappear.

I repeat – Authors who choose to publish their book in ebook format only are making a HUGE mistake. It is wrong to cut off that market by simply assuming that print books are a dying market. Dying? Not quite. Shrinking? Sure. Print book lovers LOVE their books and they aren’t going to give them up for a long, long time – if ever.

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75% of Americans DON’T Own Ebook Readers – Are you ignoring 75% of the book buying market?!

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