Self-Confidence Is More Than Skin Deep By Doris J. Niemann

Did you know the often quoted saying “beauty is only skin deep” isn’t true? That’s why we should get serious about cultivating self-confidence, because it’s more than skin deep also. If you have it, that’s good. If you don’t, try to develop its positive influence, and your writing will improve. Also, being self-confident is far better than money under your mattress to ensure a rewarding future as a freelance writer.

Once I found out its power, it has sparked progressive success for me. In fact, I’m so full of it, I now call myself a wordsmith instead of a writer. Doesn’t that sound impressive?

Perhaps by following one or all of my suggestions below, you will become a more confident and competitive writer in today’s abundance of qualified writers and the dwindling outlets for publication that pays.

1. PRETTY IS AS PRETTY DOES: Hang a mirror on the wall behind your desk. Look at it to be sure the image reflects a well groomed you, illuminating a glow of assurance on a smiling face. If the vision of you staring back doesn’t match this description, go take a shower, put on fresh clothes and comb your hair.

Check yourself again in the mirror. If you feel pleased with your reflection and more confident, hum, whistle or sing the words to the song, “I Feel Pretty”.

2. IT’S NOW OR NEVER: Before you begin to create, convince yourself that you have the most interesting viewpoint to convey on the subject of your budding masterpiece. Remember: enthusiasm is contagious and anything contagious is transmittable.

3. LET THE MUSIC BEGIN: Pretend your hands are poised in position on the keyboard of a concert grand piano as the conductor points his baton to signal the beginning of a great musical performance.

4. SPEECHLESS IN SEATTLE: After you’ve finished your manuscript, it’s also important to include a brief, but convincing cover letter, and to introduce yourself with a short biography. Imagine you are sitting across the desk from an interested editor. Instead of a one-on-one interview, you converse in solitude within a respectful literary la-la-land.

5. SEALED WITH A KISS: Before you hit the “send” key or seal the envelope, take another look in the mirror to verify you’re still looking good, confident and hopeful you will receive an affirmative reply. If so, bend over and kiss that beaming image in the mirror, and give yourself a deserving pat on the back.

I hope my suggestions help to fast forward your writing career by discovering that self-confidence is more than skin deep.

Doris J. Niemann is a freelance wordsmith who lives in Dubuque, Iowa. Since retirement she has been able to concentrate on writing full time. She is currently in the process of compiling a book-length memoir of life experiences raising her “husband” and their three kids. Her favorite phrase is “life is good.”

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